12 of Life’s Most Helpful Realizations

Gallery Of 12 of Life’s Most Helpful Realizations

12 of Life’s Most Helpful Realizations

12 of Life’s Most Helpful Realizations

Realizations are extremely important moments in the human life.

If you’re ever heading down a path that will bring you unhappiness, a realization can help you suddenly become more fully aware of who you actually are so that you can correct your course.

Realizations help you to make better choices in the future.

Which of these Realizations Have You Already Had?

12 of Life’s Most Helpful Realizations

There are moments in life — unexpected and — that somehow change you forever.

Even though some epiphanies can be painful in the moment, if they bring you of who you are, then — in the long run — they will prove enormously helpful in daily life.

Realizations can save you from a 5-year detour – getting lost down a side trail that might lead you away from your life purpose.

Last year, I witnessed a dear friend have an accident.

It’s always challenging to take an experience that was mind-blowing, and then try to reduce it into words that others might understand. Even so, here are my 12 most-shocking realizations I had immediately following the accident.

12 of Life’s Most Helpful Realizations

1. People Are Inherently Lovable

I realized that I absolutely adore people. Even with all of our wounds and fractures, our abrasive edges and acting-out, each of us, at our core, is made from the stuff of love.

I realized that it’s almost always possible to see past someone’s bad behavior and into their inherent lovability.

That people are basically lovable at their core, can be one of life’s biggest realizations.

2. People either Enhance Your Energy or Drain It

12 of Life’s Most Helpful Realizations

I once heard Caroline Myss calmly state that people either or they drain it. “It can be no other way,” she explained. After the accident, I was able to see clearly that this is indeed the case.

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