279 Bullet Journal Ideas: The Master List {+ Printographic}

Gallery Of 279 Bullet Journal Ideas: The Master List {+ Printographic}

279 Bullet Journal Ideas: The Master List {+ Printographic}

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279 Bullet Journal Ideas: The Master List {+ Printographic}

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In this post, you’re going to discover 279 actionable ideas for your bullet journal.

I’ve personally created over 550 spread designs , and these battle-tested ideas are proven to be the absolute best for journaling.

279 Bullet Journal Ideas: The Master List {+ Printographic}

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced, looking for weekly or monthly spreads, or simply searching for inspiration — this is the exact same list I use to start my creative process every time.

Keep reading and you’ll learn my secrets. ????

Download the Printographic or watch the video below.

Use these to track what’s most important in life. ????

- Birthdays — write down birthdays and important anniversary dates for your family and friends. This way, you’ll never forget a birthday again ! ????

279 Bullet Journal Ideas: The Master List {+ Printographic}

- Things My Kids Say — this can be an absolutely hilarious spread to look back on. All kids have their hilarious quotes, so a spread in your journal with all those “darndest things”, is a really fun way to keep up with your little comedians.

- Holiday Gift Ideas — throughout the year, write down gift ideas for your loved ones. That way, when Christmas and birthdays come around, you can just look at your list to know exactly who wants what!

- Date Night Ideas — make a list of fun and unique date ideas, so you have something to look at when you ask yourself… “what should we do this weekend?”

- Yours & Kids Doctor Appts. — keep up with your doctor appointments and make sure to have them scheduled regularly. You can even take it a step further and write down any test results or doctor’s advice.

- Family Members Addresses — when you’re ready to send cards or gifts, you’ll know where to send them!

279 Bullet Journal Ideas: The Master List {+ Printographic}

- Party or Holiday Planning — when planning for a big holiday get together, write down who’s bringing what and all of your responsibilities and party ideas. Reference the list when it’s time to plan the event to stay ahead of the game! It will definitely help you relieve some stress too. ????

- New Baby “Firsts” — keep track of big milestones in your baby’s life. This is such a cool spread to keep in the Memory box.

- Lunchbox Tracker / Lunchbox Ideas — do you pack your kiddos’ lunches? Make a list of the things they like in their lunchbox, and try to make sure your pantry is stocked before the week begins!

- Baby Names — if you’re planning to have children , it’s time to make a list of potential names for your new additions!

It get's better: there are 13 more...

279 Bullet Journal Ideas: The Master List {+ Printographic}

- Wedding Planning — plan your perfect wedding in your bullet journal by writing down all your wedding essentials . Even if you’re not engaged right yet, it’s a great spot to jot down fun ideas for your dream wedding!

- Honeymoon — make a list of places you’d like to go for your honeymoon OR if you already know where you want to go, make a list of the things you’d like to do, see or eat while you’re there.

- Gift Dollars — use a gift tracker to keep up with Christmas gifts and the amount you’ve spent on each person.

- Clothes Sizes — write down your kids’ clothing sizes for the next time you’re shopping .

- Thank You Cards to Write — write down the gifts you’ve received so you know who you will need to send thank you cards to.

279 Bullet Journal Ideas: The Master List {+ Printographic}

- Family Calendar — this should probably be available for the whole family to see, but keeping a calendar with EVERYBODY’S appointments can help keep your family’s schedule in check.

- Chore Tracker / Reward System — write a list of your kids’ chores, along with extra bonus chores they can get an award for finishing.

- Kids Sports Schedules — write out your kids’ sports schedules. List where games are taking place, what time, and any final scores.

- Kids Class Schedule — write down your kids’ daily school schedule with times, teachers, and subjects.

- Kids’ Parents, Coaches, Teachers’ Contact Information — this is probably best kept on your phone, but you can keep these details in your journal too just in case.

279 Bullet Journal Ideas: The Master List {+ Printographic}

- Bedtime Stories — write down your kids’ favorite bedtime story books. This is a good list to keep for when THEY have kids too and want stories to read. ????

- Babysitting / Sitters — make a list of current and potential babysitters with names and phone numbers. Also, you can track what you’d pay them and when you last called them!

- Family Tree — do you have trouble remembering the names of everyone in your family? You’re not alone. Draw a family tree so you can keep track of all your extended family!

Alright! That’s it for Family spreads. We’re just getting started…

Keep your health on track with these layout ideas. ❤️

279 Bullet Journal Ideas: The Master List {+ Printographic}

- Fitness Goals — write down your fitness goals and the steps you need to take to get there.

- Water Tracker — do you know how much water you should be drinking? Think of your weight in pounds and divide it by 2. This is how many ounces of water you should be drinking each day . Make a spread to make sure you’re getting all of the water you need, or keep up with it in your weekly and daily spreads.

- Migraines — track when you have your headaches and write down anything out of the ordinary that may have caused them. Hopefully, you’ll start to notice a pattern for certain triggers and get them under control.

- Run Distance — use an app on your watch or phone to track how many miles you’re running or walking. Add these up each week or month, and compete with yourself to beat your max distance.

- Medicine Tracker — track symptoms and reactions/allergies to certain medicines.

279 Bullet Journal Ideas: The Master List {+ Printographic}

- Sugar Tracking — I dare you to track your sugar for a week. Just look at how many grams of sugar is in your food and drinks, and add them all up! If you’re a sugar addict, tracking this number will help control your sugar intake.

- Healthy Foods — make a list of healthy foods you actually enjoy and reference it when you’re making a grocery list for the week. ????

- Weight Tracker — if you’re trying to shed a few pounds, make a fun tracker to show your weight loss progress.

- Caffeine Intake — write down how much caffeine you are drinking daily!

- Meditation Tracking — track when you meditate and for how long. Also take notes on where you were, what you listened to, and how you felt before and after.

279 Bullet Journal Ideas: The Master List {+ Printographic}

- Couch to 5K — this is a great app to help you train for a 5K race and one that you should definitely track your progress within your journal. Write down when you complete each day and how you felt after each run.

- Yoga positions — write new yoga positions to try out.

- Pushup / Sit-Up / Yoga 30-Day Challenges — keep track of a 30-day challenge in your bullet journal. Print one out from Pinterest or write it out and mark your progress after you complete each day.

- Exercise Channels — YouTube is a great spot to find fitness instructors for free. Make a list of your favorite channels in case you’re looking to try something new.

- New Exercises Tried — there are TONS of new exercises out now and you should try as many as you can to see which ones you like best. Track each one, along with its pros and cons.

279 Bullet Journal Ideas: The Master List {+ Printographic}

- Program Tracking — if you like to commit to certain exercise programs, like Beachbody, you can keep up with your progress in your bullet journal.

- Lactose — if you’re lactose intolerant, track your symptoms and problem foods so you can make sure to stay away!

- Sick Tracker — write down when you get sick and what you’re sick with. Also, keep up with the medicines you take just in case you end up with the same symptoms again.

- Vitamins or Supplements — write down what vitamins and supplements you’re taking and when.

- Breastfeeding — new moms may want to keep up with how often they breastfeed and pump.

279 Bullet Journal Ideas: The Master List {+ Printographic}

- Energy Tracking — track your energy levels throughout the day. This can help you find out when you’re at your peak energy level for certain projects.

- Sex — keep up with how often you have sex… and you can even rate it.

- Sleep Tracker — track the amount of time you spend sleeping. Write down your estimated “fall asleep” time and then what time you wake up. Check out the fun sleep tracker ideas on my .

- Ovulation — if you’re trying for a baby, you can track your ovulation and period cycles in your journal.

- Blood Pressure Tracker — if high blood pressure runs in your family, make a habit to check yours once a month to make sure you’re still in the normal range. make habit tracking easy.

279 Bullet Journal Ideas: The Master List {+ Printographic}

- BMI — another important health number is your Body Mass Index. If you’re on a weight loss journey, this is a good ratio to track if you’re wanting to get in shape. Google “BMI” to find out yours!

- 100 Calorie Snacks — make a list of 100 calorie snacks. When you’re planning your weekly grocery trips, pick up a few new choices so you’ll always have something semi-healthy to snack on around the house.

- Pain Tracker — for those of you suffering from chronic pain, a lovely lady in one of my Facebook groups suggested tracking daily pain. Mark when and where you’re experiencing pain and how severe it is, then take it to the doctor for your appointments.

- Macros — did you know tracking your macros is a way to help you stay on track for your health goals? To track your macros, look at the carbs, fat, and protein in your food and make a log of each.

- Weightlifting — if you workout with weights or you are CrossFit powerhouse, you may want to track your max lifts and reps.

279 Bullet Journal Ideas: The Master List {+ Printographic}

- Pregnancy Tracker — track your cravings, the size of your baby, and everything that goes along with pregnancy!

Way to go! Health complete. Now time to be entertained…

Hollywood never sleeps. Here’s how to keep track of the bright lights.

- TV Series Tracker — series trackers are great for Netflix bingers. Once you finish a season, check it off.

- Movies to See — make a list or a tracker of movies you’re itching to see.

279 Bullet Journal Ideas: The Master List {+ Printographic}

- Sports Scores and Results — use your sports schedule spread or a new spread to track the scores of your favorite teams. You can even write in highlights or records broken during each game.

- Concert Tracker — write down any concerts you’ve been to or list your favorite concerts ever! Or make a spread based on one concert you just went to — write out your favorite songs, moments, and memories from the show.

- Song of the Day / Week / Month — if you’re a music lover like me, you’re always looking to find new songs. Spotify and Last.FM keep up with your listening habits, so they can tell you what your favorite songs were for a particular week or month. You could also write down songs you find yourself listening to on repeat!

- Book Reviews — while you’re reading a book , write a review about the book and whether you would read it again.

- Podcasts — create a list of favorite shows and episodes, and jot down the date you subscribed as well.

279 Bullet Journal Ideas: The Master List {+ Printographic}

- Award Shows — make a spread full of your predictions for the Grammy winners — or Oscars, or VMAs, etc. — it’s fun to make award shows into “games” where you pick the winners before they’re announced!

- Favorite Playlists — I try to find at least one new playlist a month based off of my Spotify’s suggestions. Write down your favorite playlists so you can come back to them later.

- Quotes from Books — do any quotes stand out from your favorite books? Make a full page of the best quotes you read.

- Show Premieres — when does your favorite show premiere? Make a list of future premieres of your favorite shows OR do some Googling, list your favorite shows of all time, and then write down what date they first EVER premiered. Then feel old!

- Release Dates: Theater & Video — create a list or use a calendar to mark releases of movies. Track the release of movies in the movie theater OR the video release date.

279 Bullet Journal Ideas: The Master List {+ Printographic}

- Movie & TV Ratings — list movies or TV shows you watch with star ratings beside them. You can even add a short description of what you liked and disliked about the movie. Just answer the question: would you watch again?

- TV Show Progress — track episodes you’ve seen of your favorite TV shows. If you know how many episodes are in a TV show, you can make the tracker before the season starts. If not, list the episodes as the show airs.

- TV Shows to Watch — make a list of TV shows you’re dying to see! You can also make a list of shows you’ve already watched, and what season and channel they’re on.

- Concert Venue Schedule — do you have a concert venue nearby? Check out their upcoming schedule and make a list of all the events you’d like to attend!

- All-Time Favorite Songs / Bands — make a list of your favorite artists, bands, and songs. This makes for an awesome custom playlist!

279 Bullet Journal Ideas: The Master List {+ Printographic}

- Song Lyrics — certain songs are very meaningful and their lyrics can be used as the focus of a spread. Practice your lettering with some of your favorite song lyrics.

- Book Progress Tracker — keep track of chapters or page numbers of books you’re reading. This is one way to keep up with the goal of reading a certain number of books a year. Read a little each day and mark your progress each night.

- Library Book Tracker — list library books that you’ve checked out and their due dates. You can also make notes about the best books and ones you would recommend to others.

- Books to Read — jot down books you want to read or download. I personally use the app and then update my journal list when I add new books.

- Books I Want — some books are so good you just have to have them ! Make a list of books you’d like to own, and then when gift-giving season comes around, you’ll have some great suggestions. ????

279 Bullet Journal Ideas: The Master List {+ Printographic}

- Favorite Books — make a list of your all-time favorite books!

- Favorite Sports Team Schedule — do you have a favorite team? Write their schedule down in your journal, and if it’s televised, write down which channel it will air on.

- Event Planning — are you ever in charge of planning or helping to plan an event? Brainstorm event ideas and set up a timeline for your to-do’s in your journal.

- Favorite Apps — favorites change over the years and it’s nice to have a reference in case you ever forget the name of a particular app. I made a mock-up of my home screen and drew all of the apps in my journal.

- Celebrities / Idols — do you fangirl over certain celebrities? Or maybe you have a certain respect for leaders in a particular industry? Make a spread about them!

279 Bullet Journal Ideas: The Master List {+ Printographic}

- Podcast Progress — do you listen to a ton of podcasts? Sometimes it’s hard to keep up. Make a list of all of the podcasts you listen to and track the episode numbers.

- Olympics — this is a fun spread to make every few years when the Olympics come around. Keep track of your favorite scheduled events and medal count.

- Stand-Up Comedians — this is one of the very first lists I ever made in my bullet journal! I’m a huge stand-up fan and listed out all of the comedians I’ve seen live. Hint: You can go back on Ticketmaster and StubHub to see your ticket purchase history. ????

- Documentaries — track the documentaries you want to watch or your favorites you have watched… FYI Netflix is full of them!

- Favorite Games — make a list of your favorite board games or games to play on a rainy day.

279 Bullet Journal Ideas: The Master List {+ Printographic}

- Game Rules — have you ever sat down to play a card game and can’t remember the rules? Write down the hard-to-remember rules so you can reference them when you’re ready to play.

- Sports Stats — there are literally sports records broken every day and your favorite team might be one of the ones breaking them! Track some of the big milestones in your bullet journal.

- Favorite Athletes — do you have a favorite athlete? Track their events, their scores, and records on a page in your journal.

- Stadiums Visited — if you’re a football fan like me, you may travel to different places to see away games and bowl games. A stadium tracker is a cool way to keep up with all of the stadiums you’ve visited .

- Funny Jokes — have you ever been asked to tell a funny joke? My mind will seriously go blank if anyone asks me that, but your journal is a good place to keep some fun one-liners. ????

279 Bullet Journal Ideas: The Master List {+ Printographic}

- NFL Draft — if you’re a pro football fan, you love draft day! Keep track of the first round of the NFL draft or the new guys drafted to your favorite team.

- Favorite Magazines — jot down a list of your favorite magazines. If you subscribe to any, write down when and how to renew.

- Museums — track new museums you visit. Write down their location, your experience, and your favorite parts about the museum.

Entertainment is a wrap! Let’s keep this train rolling…

Not the creative type? We’re about to change that…

279 Bullet Journal Ideas: The Master List {+ Printographic}

- Doodle a Day — practice doodling and join a doodle challenge. Divide your page up into a calendar and challenge yourself to draw one doodle each day of the month! There are several you can choose from.

- Doodle How-To — have a doodle you want to remember how to draw? Draw the doodle in 3-4 steps

- Doodle Practice — make a page or section in your book with nothing but doodles. To get ideas, Google what you’re trying to draw + “doodle” at the end , then click Image up top for some super ideas for your own doodles!

- Fonts — create your own font or see how many versions of one letter you can come up with!

- Washi Collection — get creative and make a spread with samples of all your washi tape designs .

279 Bullet Journal Ideas: The Master List {+ Printographic}

- Pen Test Page — test a collection of your pens in your journal. This will show you how the color of a certain pen looks on paper and you also can also test if a pen bleeds or not.

- Hello Page — get creative with an “Intro page” for separate months or sections of your journal.

- Pattern Practice — even if you’re not super artistic, doodling patterns is a fun way to get creative. Try some repetitive pattern designs like . If you wanna learn from a pro, Catja from @deluxe.journaling teaches how to get started with amazing pattern designs in an exclusive video lesson in our .

See?! Being creative isn’t that hard! ????

Get ready: more ideas coming up!

279 Bullet Journal Ideas: The Master List {+ Printographic}

Ideas to manage your expenses and track your budget.

- Subscription Services — do you use Amazon Prime, Netflix or Spotify? Go through your last credit card statement and see what you’re paying each month. Anytime you start a new subscription — WRITE IT DOWN and when it renews .

- Stocks to Watch — find a stock you want to own and track it once a week or monthly.

- Budgeting — write down EVERYTHING you spend for an entire month and categorize them into things like bills, grocery, entertainment, subscription fees, etc. See where you can cut back and create a monthly or weekly budget for yourself.

- Bills — make a checklist of all of your bills and check off when you pay them .

279 Bullet Journal Ideas: The Master List {+ Printographic}

- Credit Score — did you know you can access your credit score for free every few months? Check with your credit card company or Mint.com and get yours. Document your score at least every quarter to see where you stand, and keep it in check!

- Investments Monthly Tracker — check your financial statements and investments each month. Your reports will have graphs, but drawing a journal graph is even more fun. ????

- Savings — do you like to save? If you don’t, you should. I use a service called that automatically rounds up your purchases from your debit or credit card and invests that money into a savings account… it’s savings you don’t have to think about.

- Future Expenses — have some big expenses on the horizon? Make a list of these so you know what to expect when the time comes.

- Tax Filing — the next time you file taxes, make a list of the documents you need and where to find them. This will be SO helpful the next year when you’re ready to file again.

279 Bullet Journal Ideas: The Master List {+ Printographic}

- No Spend Days — make a tracker with days you don’t spend any money. See how long you can go by living on what you have already.

Guess what? 5 more ideas are waiting...

- Check, Credit / Debit Card Log — track what you spend. When you pay with a debit or credit card, it’s hard to keep track of everything that’s leaving your bank account. Make it a habit to write it down at the end of each day. You can check your accounts online, or go from memory and reconcile at the end of the month.

- A “Might Buy” List — before purchasing anything big, add it to a “might buy” list. Wait a week or two, then come back to the list to see if you really still need it.

- Donations — write down all of the donations you make throughout the year. You’ll be ready when tax season comes around!

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