9 Books to Get Completely Lost In

Gallery Of 9 Books to Get Completely Lost In

9 Books to Get Completely Lost In

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9 Books to Get Completely Lost In

Winding storylines, complex characters, and picturesque settings are just a few of the reasons these books so absorbing. If you’re craving stories you won’t be able to step away from, you’ve found the right list!

Here are 9 books that are so captivating and engrossing, you’ll forget where you are and get completely lost in them!

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9 Books to Get Completely Lost In

Summary: is the story of twins Noah and Jude. The book is told from the alternating perspectives of the two, presented during different years throughout the story. Sometimes they’re NoahandJude—thick as thieves and existing almost as one entity—and other times they’re Noah and Jude—distant, cold, and unsupportive of each other.

This is a book that boldly and expertly tells of the griefs of love, the excitement of hope, and the necessity of surrendering.

Summary: is the story of Pi Patel and how he survives 227 days in the middle of the ocean—stranded on a tiny life boat with just a Bengal tiger for company.

The book walks through Pi’s short, although rich, personal history, and we’re regaled with his deep thoughts on life, religion, and practicality.

Complete with an interesting plot, an extremely complex and likable character, and some heavy questions about life, Life of Pi will hook you from the very first page.

9 Books to Get Completely Lost In

3. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Summary: is the story of a girl who’s socially awkward, seemingly mediocre, and stuck in a life-sucking routine.

But as the book goes on, Eleanor starts to reveal her quippy and extremely witty personality and her strange—and very interesting—views on life and people.

Moved by the idea of potential love, Eleanor starts to break out of her routine. In doing so, she gains so much more than she could’ve ever anticipated. But shaking up her everyday routine also stirs up some of her past and brings it to the surface.

The characters in this story are incredibly crafted and multi-dimensional and the pace and the anticipation of the impending storyline are just as amazing!

9 Books to Get Completely Lost In

Summary: In , reporter Camille Preaker has been able to put her past behind her until she’s sent on a project that takes her right back to her haunting home town—to investigate the serial murders of two young girls.

As she dives deeper into the murders, her personal demons arise, leading her farther and farther into her tormented mind.

This book is a beyond chilling page-turner that will keep you guessing until the literal last page. Filled with complex and interesting characters, an engrossing story line, and expertly crafted twists, you won’t be able to put this one down.

Summary: Just like all of Liane Moriary’s novels, is a winding story of multiple lives intertwined. Clementine is at the center of it all—she’s the wife of Sam, the neighbor of Tiffany and Vid, the best friend of Erika, and the mother of Holly and Ruby.

Since the day of the neighborhood barbecue, nothing has been the same for any of them. We’re taken on a weaving and sometimes dizzying recount of the days leading up to the fateful day and to the incident that changed multiple lives forever.

9 Books to Get Completely Lost In

Summary: In , Amber is not happy with her current state of affairs. Luckily for her, she has the perfect plan—and the prowess, endurance, and cunningness to bring it to fruition.

Her plan revolves around Jackson Parrish, the extremely rich and handsome man who’s the solution to all her problems. She need only to convince him she’d be the perfect wife for him. There’s only one issue—she has to get rid of his current wife.

Even though Amber is sharp and organized, it’s not enough to protect her against the true reality that’s buried beneath the glamour and riches she so desperately craves.

This is a quick read that will suck you in right away! If you want a heart-thumping book that will keep you on the edge of your seat, this is it!

Genre: Fantasy | Young Adult Fiction

9 Books to Get Completely Lost In

Summary: In , Alice and her mother have lived life always fleeing from the bad luck that seems to catch up with them no matter how fast or far they go.

But finally, all the questions Alice has about herself and her life seem to come together in a head-on collision when she finds out her grandmother has passed away. Despite having never met the woman, she knows all about her because of her high and mysterious status as author of one of the most cult-classic books in history.

When Alice comes home one day to find her family is gone—vanished with all signs pointing to kidnapped—Alice and Ellery, a classmate and craved fan of her grandmother’s, set off for The Hazel Wood, the remote estate her grandmother lived in for all those years, the place where all the answers seem to be.

Summary: In , Lowen, a struggling writer not sure how she’s going to get next month’s rent, is contacted for a new assignment. But she can’t help but wonder how the opportunity came about.

Verity Crawford, the world-famous author of more than a handful of bestsellers, was in a terrible accident and can no longer finish the last books in her renowned series.

9 Books to Get Completely Lost In

Lowen accepts the job to finish the series, but soon realizes she’s in over her head. She can’t shake the feeling that Verity’s luminous home—the one where Verity’s handsome husband Jeremy, their child, and the now-crippled author are—is a place she shouldn’t be.

During a moment of vulnerability, Jeremey had divulged to Lowen the horrible grief the family had been in—first the untimely passing of their twin daughters, both at different times, and now Verity’s horrible car wreck.

But as Lowen is doing research for the upcoming books, she stumbles across the manuscript of Verity’s autobiography. In it, she discovers things she wish she hadn’t. And now can’t help but see Verity as perhaps the darkest villain of all.

Summary: In , Margaret is commissioned to write the biography of reclusive author Vida Winter who’s books are famous and loved world wide.

In addition to her genius storytelling, Vida is also known for her habit of escaping the truth—she’s never given a truthful interview, always making up grandiose stories of her personal history and never revealing a mere semblance of how she grew up.

9 Books to Get Completely Lost In

But before Margaret starts her new assignment, she sets the tone—Vida must tell her the truth or Margaret won’t continue with the biography.

Shockingly, Vida agrees to the stipulations, and thus, takes Margaret down her long and sordid history of betrayal, heartbreak, and circumstance as she shares a tale of true survival.


I loved this story so much! I think you’ll love it! I just bought Once Upon a River by the same author and I’m SO excited for it! Have you read that one?

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9 Books to Get Completely Lost In

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