99 Ways To Get Seriously Organized

Gallery Of 99 Ways To Get Seriously Organized

99 Ways To Get Seriously Organized

99 Ways To Get Seriously Organized

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Boy, do I love lists of everything. They are concrete, they are concentrated and you can soak up a ton of helpful information in just a few minutes.

They are also a way of organizing and being organized is one of the key elements to being more balanced and calm…

Because organizing is incredibly therapeutic.

99 Ways To Get Seriously Organized

It feels so satisfying to take something messy and make it orderly, clean and tidy.

And when everything is tidy, you’re simply less stressed.

Today I want to share a whopping 99 of my favorite organizing ideas – including both physical and non-physical things.

Before we begin – if you’re an anxious person, I recommend taking things slow – there’s absolutely no need to get organized 100% in just a few days!

Take it step by step and you’ll benefit more.

99 Ways To Get Seriously Organized

I’m an anxious person myself and but at least I didn’t lose my mind in the process ????

Update: I have spent some time updating this huge list with extra valuable links to fitting products, tools and resources! They will appear as pinkish purply text and I really recommend you to check them out since I’ve found some pretty cool stuff to help you seriously organize everything!

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99 ways to get seriously organized

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99 Ways To Get Seriously Organized

You can’t organize your information and tasks if you are storing them in your head.

Or maybe you can but it will be incredibly hard.

Instead, write every piece of information that comes to your mind and then organize it to lists, plans, and checklists.

2. Declutter your purse regularly.

Keep it clean and tidy to save yourself some sanity whenever you need to find something in your beloved bag. A great way to keep your bag seriously organized is by using a simple bag organizer.

99 Ways To Get Seriously Organized

These are very inexpensive + very beneficial since you can also use a few of them in your suitcase when traveling.

3. Set a laundry day every week.

Having a laundry day will help you get organized by tackling the whole clothes situation at your home.

You will always have clean clothes but you won’t have to bother yourself with laundry on the other days.

If you really want to get organized, a good can be your holy grail.

99 Ways To Get Seriously Organized

A planner is not only about setting schedules or appointments.

It can also include financial trackers, health trackers, project planners, academic plans – everything you need to stay as organized as possible.

To DIY a superb life planner, you can get my printable Planning Super Pack right here on

Closets are one of the most unorganized things you can find in persons home.

They are also the perfect source of morning frustration.

99 Ways To Get Seriously Organized

Having a clean, organized and decluttered closet will give you a nice, stressless start every day.

Want to learn how to declutter a ton of clothes you have?

Learn the KonMari method – it literally saved me HUGE amounts of closet space when I was decluttering my apartment.

Trust me, it is one of the best things you can learn in your life.

6. Use containers to sort things in your drawers.

99 Ways To Get Seriously Organized

A divided drawer is an organized drawer.

- Hard dividers for drawers where most objects are hard.

- Soft dividers for underware and sock drawers.

These make a HUGE difference in your drawers and if you can use them in every drawer of your home, it will feel very organized.

7. Always put on matching bed sheets.

99 Ways To Get Seriously Organized

Not only it looks great but it also helps you to keep your linen closet more organized.

Pro tip: fold and put matching sheets into the pillow sheets of the same style.

Pro tip No. 2: use bedding sheets that snap together to keep them perfectly aligned.

Now this one may seem controversial and I really want to emphasize that this may not be for everyone, but for me – it is one of the ways to get organized.

You see, organizing isn’t just about decluttering your drawers. It’s also about paying attention to the details.

99 Ways To Get Seriously Organized

Wearing matching lingerie doesn’t directly make you more organized but it helps you to start your day in an organized mindset, by paying attention to the details right from the start of your day.

9. Always wash your dishes after eating.

This one is easy and also very important.

It’s annoying to deal with a mountain of dishes so instead of piling them up or even worse – “soaking” them for hours, simply deal with them right after eating.

This will keep your kitchen clean & clutter free.

99 Ways To Get Seriously Organized

10. Take out the trash every morning.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – just take the trash out in the morning while you’re on the way to your car or other transport.

Planning your future helps to organize your decisions and schedules.

One of the easiest is to think of them, but never really start doing anything about them.

Get organized by deciding on those goals and start taking steps towards them.

99 Ways To Get Seriously Organized

Mornings are hectic but if you have a morning routine, it can help you start your day in a streamlined, organized and stress-free way.

13. Hang a cork board in your work or study room.

Cork boards work great to organize your work or study room.

White magnetic boards work just as well! I use one in my home office and it really helps me to get organized whenever my work clutter accumulates.

I love to print separate task lists and attach it to the board to save some board space.

99 Ways To Get Seriously Organized

14. Trash spam e-mails immediately.

Trash them right away! This will keep your mailbox clean and tidy.

15. Declutter files on your computer.

This is particularly important if you’re someone who works on the computer a lot.

It’s incredibly easy to clutter your computer with files until one day you find yourself doing a simple computer task 3 x times longer than it could be.

99 Ways To Get Seriously Organized

16. Sort your photos into folders.

And if you are using physical photos, put them into pretty albums!

I sometimes find myself having 10-20 accounts of online services and tools that I don’t really use.

So, the best way to tackle this mess is to simply dedicate an hour or two and delete all the accounts on their websites.

P. S. Talk to your financial advisor before closing bank accounts too.

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