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I’ve lived and sailed on boats where my boyfriends’ were always the captain. I didn’t like that very much. So, at the age of 26 I decided to hell with all that and bought my own boat. I moved aboard by myself in May 2016. I showed up in the boatyard with an inflatable dinghy, a bicycle, and a hammer. After 180 nights on my boat winter came quickly and I was back on land. I sold the boat, bought another and set out on a vision quest to journey my little 26-foot sailboat away from our home waters and into the blue where winter never comes. I found the warm weather, but still thirsted for the islands and ocean beyond the continental United States. So, I hauled the boat and set to work refitting her for sea. See you out there!

I love your writing style. I’m looking forward to reading more, I love losing myself in other people’s lives!

Thank you. I hope to keep it interesting for you. I like that you have the ability on your blog to write about anything. It keeps it exciting. Thanks for reading!

It is so great to see more and more people starting a journey like this! Stay determined and your dream will become reality.

Hi Emily! How exciting, I think our boats are relatives . I look forward to following your adventure, yay boat girls!

About me

It’s the journey that counts – and what we make of it is all in our hands. I was where you were several years ago – no we are a family of four, living on our Moody 425, sailing where the winds blow us, I teach yoga around the world and – despite the many ups and downs and challenges, we wouldn’t want it any other way. Well done on your blog and on the courage to follow your dreams. The only way to no regrets;) x

This too is my dream!! How do you enjoy your FLICKA??

Darn it, I didnt know you had a blog too, been reading Stormy’s blog sometimes. I will love reading you and about your travels!

Hello, Thanks for your writing and the photos–I empathize with your journey. Living in inland Oregon, I’ve long wrestled with a deep craving for water, movement, freedom…wind and waves. and…Mexico -Hot and glassy. Bought a Ranger 20 sailboat in Feb. 2015 in Mt. Shasta; did some lake testing, then trailered up to Bellingham in July. Sailed out solo for a week. Lucky good weather. Total newbie. 50 sec sailing video here:

Since been to Sea of Cortez with a friend and his boat.

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