Baby Pancakes – Apple and Oat

Gallery Of Baby Pancakes – Apple and Oat

Baby Pancakes – Apple and Oat

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Baby Pancakes – Apple and Oat

Oh my goodness one of my kids favourite foods, for breakfast, snacks or dessert are these baby pancakes. I started making them as a finger food for my eldest when he was weaning. My youngest is now two and a half years old, and I can honestly say these baby pancakes with apple and oat remain a huge hit! As evidenced by the fact when I made two batches yesterday to take the pictures they were completely demolished by my three kiddos.

Baby Pancakes – Apple and Oat

When my kids have traditional pancakes for breakfast they, of course, love them, but I find they need a second breakfast almost an hour later as the energy has gone through them so fast! This is why I prefer these oat and apple-based baby pancakes as the energy is much more sustaining than a traditional pancake, meaning there are far fewer hangry moments after having them!

They are quite a filling pancake, a heavier denser style, but my kiddos have never complained. I make them with a dash of maple syrup, but this can be missed out depending on the apple puree you are using. If you are using a sweet apple the pancakes will be sweet enough, if it is a more tart apple than the maple syrup just ensures these baby pancakes are gobbled up.

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I often get asked about breakfast ideas for baby led weaning or ideas that are suitable as a first finger food.

Pancakes are always popular, some other baby pancake recipes I’ve made often include

Baby Pancakes – Apple and Oat

If you aren’t into making pancakes, toast fingers with nut butter are great, pieces of omelet works well, chunks of avocado, and smoothies

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Another suggestion would be my , they are simple and great for babies kids and adults

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Baby Pancakes – Apple and Oat

- Place oats into a food processor and blitz until fine

- Add remaining ingredients and blend until smooth, the mixture will be thick

- Drop spoonfuls onto a medium heat greased pan

- Flip the pancakes when bubbles form and burst on the surface

- This recipe will work with any milk or alternative,

Baby Pancakes – Apple and Oat

- This recipe is wheat free but not gluten free if traditional oats are used

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

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Hi Very interested in finding out what the dip is that was used with the baby apple pancakes. Thanking you in advance. Rachel.

Baby Pancakes – Apple and Oat

Wondering what age you started baby led weening and do having only two botton teeth matter. My boy is 7 months will eat anything but im afraid he will just swallow and not chew…

What do you mean by apple purée? Put raw apple in a blender? Cook it first? Apple sauce? Thanks!

Cooked apple that is then blended. Or no added sugar apple sauce.

I grated the apple and it worked fine, in case you dont want to cook it before.

Sorry, but I have a correction for everyone with Celiacs. There is no gluten in oats. You will be fine to eat these.

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