Bathroom Design Trends 2019

Gallery Of Bathroom Design Trends 2019

Bathroom Design Trends 2019

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Bathroom Renovations for Best Return On Investment

If you’re thinking about selling your home in the near future, the bathrooms are important rooms to consider. Even if you’re staying for a while, you may want to spruce up the bathrooms for your own enjoyment. It’s always a good idea to check out the latest design and decor trends.

Next to kitchens, bathrooms are often the most expensive rooms to update, and they can make or break a home sale. A little research into what’s on trend is always wise if you plan to sell your home in the near future. The bathroom design trends we’re seeing for 2019 are eclectic and have a broad range, so you’ll be sure to find something that fits your home.

Bathroom Design Trends 2019

My search around the world wide web has brought me several sources of reliable information…Elle Decor, Huffinton Post, House Beautiful and DIY Network, and, of course Pinterest, are faithful stand-by’s. Angie’s List has some great information about bathroom design trends for the coming year, and its’ a great resource to find contractors.

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Trend # 1: Technology Has Invaded the Bathroom

The increased use of technology in our homes over the last few years is a well-known fact. Now we’re seeing it in the bathroom. According to the , demand for bathroom technologies has increased each year for several years.

Upgraded, high-tech faucets, LED lighting, and advanced electronics are in demand, but not just for the sake of the technology. Homeowners are looking for more control and convenience. You can create a custom showering experience more affordably.

Bathroom Design Trends 2019

Consider a Digital Showering System…with smart features like a warm-up mode, a timer, and a way to pause water flow. Shower heads with LED lighting is on the rise.

High tech toilets aren’t just luxuries anymore. Self-cleaning, self-deoderizing toilets are becoming mainstream. The smart toilet features include luxury conveniences such as hands-free flushing. Heated seats, motion-activated seats, and built-in night lights have become common.

Heated floors are common these days. It is actually more cost-effective that most methods of heating.

Dock your iPhone or MP3 player directly with your speaker-equipped, high-tech toilet so you can entertain yourself on the commode. While you’re not likely to invest $4,000 for a Kohler Numi toilet using this technology today, start looking for competitive models with lower prices as this technology becomes more available and in demand.

Catch up on news and weather while you brush your teeth. Television screens are being integrated into medicine cabinets and vanity mirrors. The cost is still at a premium: $2,200 to $2,400 price tag.

Bathroom Design Trends 2019

Plug your smart phone or MP3 player into your medicine cabinet so you won’t miss a call or song while getting ready for work or bed. A built-in jack keeps your unit charged and linked into a built-in speaker system.

Remote Control and Convenience in the Bathroom

Remote control is becoming common in the bathroom…TV, stereo, windows and window treatments are easily controlled. There are smartphone apps for everything.

For $300 for simple controllers to $3,500 or more for a complete luxury installation, programmable showers let you digitally set your preferred water temperature, volume, and even massage settings before you step in.

To achieve a personalized showering experience, you’ll need a 120-volt power source, and a thermostatic valve and controller in addition to your standard shower head or heads. Luxury models may include a steam system, a wi-fi source for music, multiple body spray outlets, tankless water heater, and a secondary controller to start the system from another room. I don’t even want to find out how much these systems might cost, ha.

Bathroom Design Trends 2019

Trend # 2: Aging Demographics Emphasize Safety in the Bathroom

It’s not just high-tech that’s bringing an “experience” to the bathroom. As the baby boomers plan to “age in place”, we’re seeing more master bath renovations to accommodate future needs.

Trends in universal design features add comfort, convenience, and safety. But that doesn’t mean your bathroom has to look institutional. Here are some universal design innovations that can fit into your bathroom remodeling plans:

Sleek, low-profile linear drains are ideal for creating safe, zero-threshold showers. Unlike standard round drain covers that are typically mounted near the front end of a shower, these long, straight drains can be installed in different locations to minimize the slope of the shower floor. One popular location is at the outside edge of the shower, creating a wheelchair-friendly curbless shower.

Many bathrooms renovators are ditching the tub for a high-end, curbless shower. More shower fixtures are offered in more finishes — including nearly invisible tile-in channel models that are largely covered by non-slip shower floor tile — are becoming the standard for upscale spaces. Accessible features such as seats and grab bars are common.

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