Best Markers for Adult Coloring Books

Gallery Of Best Markers for Adult Coloring Books

Best Markers for Adult Coloring Books

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Best Markers for Adult Coloring Books

Most colorists are either marker people or colored pencil people and are very passionate about their chosen favorites. We have already talked in detail about here… so now we will dig into the best options for markers to use in your chosen adult coloring books.

Markers do limit which books you can work in, at least to the extent of them being double-sided but on the other hand, if you love you can always buy two copies and use markers on one side of the pages and then the other. So go for it!

These Markers Don’t BLEED in Your Adult Coloring Books

Best Markers for Adult Coloring Books

Best Markers for Two-Sided Coloring Books

The only bigger sized markers that I have found that don’t bleed through nicer quality paper are the . Peta Hewitt has a tutorial video showing using them with the colored pencil underneath as a protective quality but I’ve found at least in Johanna Basford, , quality coloring books you can use them without any colored pencil underneath. Of course, always do a test swatch in the back of the book. You can see in my here that the black is clear although a bit splotchy in the bigger areas. Zoomed in it shows up but casually going through the book it looks great. I did this one with a for around the tiny details and then with the for the large areas.

But of course it is more economical to buy a pack of them and with Faber Castell, you have quite a few options. PITT artist pens contain pigmented India ink which is archival – acid-free + Smudge-proof and waterproof when dry!

with Super Fine Nibs: Colors include Phthalo Blue-Cobalt Green-May Green-Indanthrene Blue

– Superfine nib, Colors include Orange Glaze-Middle Purple Pink-Magenta-Deep Scarlet Red

Best Markers for Adult Coloring Books

Pink Carmine, Dark Chrome Yellow, Manganese Violet, Phthalo Blue, Permanent Green Olive, Cadmium Yellow.

includes Light Yellow Glaze, Light Phthalo Green, Ice Blue, Pink Madder Lake, Lilac and Cold Grey.

Cadmium Yellow, Phthalo Blue, Leaf Green, Orange Glaze, Pale Geranium Lake, Middle Purple Pink, Purple Violet, Sky Blue, Caput Mortuum, Black, Cold Grey III, and Dark Phthalo Green.

– These come with a really nice case as well. These types of artist pens need to be stored horizontally not vertically like a . See the example pictured here. This is a pretty sweet setup for the price for the gorgeous artist grade markers that don’t bleed through!

BIG Brush Pitt Pens by Faber-Castell

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