Bread stick Wands or Fireworks

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Bread stick Wands or Fireworks

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These bread stick wands topped with melted chocolate and and sprinkles are perfect for Halloween or kids birthday parties. They could also be fireworks for Guy Fawkes night or just a fun recipe to make with your kids.

Bread stick wands are perfect for Halloween or Bonfire Night

Bread stick Wands or Fireworks

Regardless of why you make them, now is the perfect time as Halloween and fireworks night are both just around the corner. If you’re looking for something fun to make that’s not scary but still fits the Halloween theme then these are just what you need. Not only will your kids love these wands but if you enjoy spending time in the kitchen together then they are a great recipe for your kids to make with you. The only thing to be careful with is the hot melted chocolate.

A great recipe to make with kids

My children helped make the bread stick wands in these pictures and it was a real struggle to take the photographs before they were eaten. It was also a challenge to stop them from getting sprinkles all over the floor. I suspect I may be picking up stray sprinkles long after all the wands have been eaten! Even so, it was fun to do and makes a great half-term activity this week if you have some time at home.

However, if you can’t face the mess and just need a quick and easy sweet treat for a play date or birthday party then these are also perfect. They only contain three ingredients and if you don’t have any little helpers you can make them very quickly indeed. Your children will love you for it when they see them!

I had to Make these bread stick wands!

Bread stick Wands or Fireworks

At first I wasn’t planning to make these bread stick wands until Master Spice came home from pre-school with one that he had proudly made himself. I wondered if he would just eat the chocolate off the end. He has a habit of doing that. But no, he gobbled up the whole bread stick and Little Miss Spice wanted one too. There was no other option but for us to set about making them again at home.

How to Adapt these bread stick fireworks or wands

You can adapt the bread stick wands to suit the occasion. Why not make them a bit more Halloween themed by using red or green candy melts instead of chocolate? Or how about using popping candy instead of sprinkles?

These cute bread stick wands are so easy and fund to make with your kids. Just adapt them to suit the occasion!

Melt the chocolate in the microwave. Cook for a minute. Stir. Keep microwaving for 20 more seconds at a time until it is completely runny.

Bread stick Wands or Fireworks

Put the sprinkles in a bowl and put that bowl next to the bowl with the chocolate.

Dip the breadsticks in the melted chocolate and then in the spinkles.

If you have the larger chocolate stars, put a little melted chocolate on the back of each star and stick them to the ends of the wands

Leave to set. Put them in the Fridge for 10 minutes so the chocolate hardens more quickly.

Nutritional information is approximate and a guideline only.

Bread stick Wands or Fireworks

Calories 98 Calories from Fat 36

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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Bread stick Wands or Fireworks

Do let me know if you try these bread stick fireworks. I love to get feedback from readers.

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Bread stick Wands or Fireworks

What a great birthday party idea!

Thanks Veena! These are really popular with kids .

These are absolutely brilliant Corina! I love them! They’re so much fun and so unique ???? Think I might try these out for the trick or treaters tomorow ????

I hope they liked them! My little boy has been asking to make them again just this morning.

These are genius! So simple and so cool….. Love the photos too xxx

Bread stick Wands or Fireworks

Thanks so much Kate! I think the fact that they are quite colourful helped the photos to come out well because I certainly spent less time taking them than I usually do. x

This is such a creative and fun idea! Your photos are fantastic too! Thanks for linking up to #TreatPetite

Thanks Kat! I had to take the photos quite quickly as the kids were desperate to eat them but luckily I managed to get a few good ones.

These look awesome – just like fireworks and so perfect for kids. I’m pretty sure my kids would really enjoy making them…and would almost certainly wolf them down! Eb x

Thanks Eb! My kids just loved them. They did both want to dip their breadstick in the chocolate at the same time though and and a few snapped as they were a bit too enthusiatic with them! x

Bread stick Wands or Fireworks

These are so cute. Perfect for little hands.

Thanks Lizet! My children both loved them.

Brilliant just Brilliant! easy tasty and fun . Thank you for linking these to #CookBlogShare

They were really tasty! I can definitely vouch for the fact taht chocolate coated crispy breadsticks are very very moreish.

Fantastic idea! We all need a bit of magic and so do our kiddies. I love how quick and uncomplicated they are. I think it’s time for a little bit of abracadabra ???? x

Bread stick Wands or Fireworks

Thanks Jo! They almost don’t need a recipe but sometimes the simple things are the best, especially if making them with your kids x

Awesome Idea..You came up with excellent treat for kids made in no time..

Thanks Lathiya! It’s always good when a treat doesn’t take too long to make. Last week my daughter decidedto make cake pops and it took all day because of having to make the cake first before even starting on the cake pops!

These are SO CUTE! A fun twist on chocolate covered pretzels ????

Thanks Christina! To be honest I hadn’t even thought of chocolate covered pretzels but you’re right.

Bread stick Wands or Fireworks

Now these are pure genius….what a fab idea and great for the kids to make too.

Thanks Rebecca! We had lots of fun making them.

these are so cute and so much fun to make and eat x

Thanks Jenny! I didn’t get to eat as many nice ones as I wanted because the kids ate them all – I had to eat the broken ones that you can’t see in the pictures x

These are so cute, and so perfect for kids too. I can’t wait to make things like this for Raven!

Bread stick Wands or Fireworks

It’s such fun isn’t it and this time of year is perfect for experimenting and being creative!

They look so cute and easy to make. Awesome idea!

Thanks Ellie! I’m so pleased you like them.

Such pretty wands, I could even make them for myself, love them ????

Thanks Patty! I’m so pleased you like them.

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