Candied Strawberries

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Candied Strawberries

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Like candied apples these candied strawberries have a thick hard candy shell with the fresh juicy berry inside. The candy coating, like a sucker, will leave a lovely shiny shell around the berry.

Candied strawberries bring a sweet crunch to your ripe berries

We love fresh strawberries at our house, we go through like two Costco cases a week when they are in season! So I’m always looking for new ways to enjoy them. AND I was looking for a fun way to use a strawberry on a cake

ANYWAY I decided to try Candied Strawberries,like these . Mmmm a thin candy shell that add’s a great crunch to these sweet berries. You can add color or flavoring but I left these plain. The kids loved these, they made great afterschool treats without feeling like I was feeding them a ton of candy. AND, bonus, it creates a GORGEOUS shine, seriously so pretty.

Candied Strawberries

Pick fresh, firm berries to dip in the candy coating

Make sure when you get close to the right temperature on the candy thermometer that you turn the the heat down so you don’t over cook your candy coating. once it get’s too hot that’s it, it’s too hot, so turn down the temp and move quickly. I had all the toothpicks in my strawberries ready to dip, and the cooling tray right next to me, I ended up double dipping, doing two at once, to get them all done quickly.

the candy coating will drip off and harden quickly

Tips for making candied strawberries

- adjust for high altitudes – I’m at 4000 feet so I actually heat candy 20 degrees lower than at sea level

Candied Strawberries

- have all the strawberries prepped and ready to go so you can work quickly when you hit the right temperature

- use both hands and enlist helpers so you can dip everything quickly as the candy will start to cool and harden fast.

- use a silicone mat to keep the candied berries on, or parchment paper, as the sucker candy shell will tend to stick to plates.

- make just before serving as the fresh strawberries are effected by the heat and will start to shrink and get overly rip and juicy quickly. They won’t be good the next day

My kids love candied strawberries, like a sweet strawberry pop

Candied Strawberries

SOOOO pretty! And side note how HUGE is my BABY looking??? Seriously remember when he was just a little baby being my hand model? Seems like YESTERDAY, and now he’s this little mini man! Anyone have a baby I can borrow, I’m missing that stage terribly.

Just like candied apples these strawberries are lovely and fun to eat! a thin candy shell around these fresh delicious strawberries

- Combine all the ingredients in a saucepan over medium heat

- When the sugar is dissolved turn the heat up and simmer

- Using a candy thermometer heat the candy to 300-310° and turn the heat to low

Candied Strawberries

- quickly dip the strawberries in the coating and shake it off, place on a cooling rack, parchment paper or silpat mat and let harden

- These are only good the day of, so you can't premake these for events.

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love it my kids really enjoy these makes them smile every time I make them

Candied Strawberries

the little rascals cant keep there hands of these sweet treats

that makes me so happy! I’m so glad to hear

hi can I make these the morning of the event. thank you

They are best right away and only last a few hours – as once you dip them the berries start getting juicy and shrinking

I didn’t have a candy thermometer so I winged it. The coating was pretty and shiny but didn’t harden. Is this due to the candy getting too hot or not hot enough? Also, just curious…what happens to them the next day? Do the berries get mushy?

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