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Carrot Jam

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This delicious 3-ingredient carrot jam is based on a recipe from 1865. It’s bright, tasty and super-easy with no unusual equipment needed. It tastes like apricot jam!

I’ve only recently started to make jam. My mum is a legendary jam maker so it is easiest to leave it to her .

But after my successful first batch of strawberry jam I’ve been on a roll. However, this is me, and I prefer to make things with vegetables.

I’d heard of Mrs Beeton’s carrot jam, so with a big bag of carrots to hand, I set to work. This recipe makes a small batch jam – just two jars – so it’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t want too much!

Carrot Jam

It is really lovely and oddly doesn’t taste of carrots at all – it is just like apricot jam! Also, it is luminous orange. It’s like 1990s rave jam. I can’t tell you how much that pleases me.

This recipe is adapted from the famous historic cookery book, Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management, 1865.

Just like with various berries, you can turn lots of vegetables into jam.

Carrot is one of the most popular of the veg jams, and it’s particularly common in the Middle East. My next veg-based jam to try out will be parsnip – I imagine that earthy sweet root would be perfect.

I’d also love to try making jam with squash, pumpkin or courgette/zucchini. It’s such a great way to use up gluts or to preserve the veg when they’re in season.

Carrot Jam

You can make chutney with courgette or carrot, but I like the sweeter and smoother texture of jam. It’s lovely on toast, yogurt, cereal, waffles, pancakes and so much more. I’ve even used carrot jam as a filling in cake in the Carrot Victoria Sponge recipe in my debut cookbook,

You could call this jam, carrot marmalade or carrot butter. It’s a thick consistency and I like adding some of the carrot back in so it isn’t too smooth. It’s a versatile spread that’s sweet yet tangy, vibrantly coloured and bursting with flavour.

I really have no idea how you can mix carrots, lemon and sugar and it comes out tasting so much like apricot jam. It’s magic and wizardry, yet soooo delicious.

There are many ways to use carrot jam, and other vegetable jam recipes. Try it on:

I love the sweetness that carrots bring to sweet treats. We’ve all heard of , but I like to use them in more original ways.

Carrot Jam

Check out my other , including: my super-easy quick cinnamon . With no kneading or rising, you can have bread on the table in 30 minutes! I also have the recipe for with orange icing. Unlike spiced heavy carrot cakes, the carrot cupcakes are light and zingy from the orange.

I hope you’ll enjoy this unusual jam recipe. It’s sweet, easy, delicious and a great way to use up a glut of carrots or to save some from being wasted.

It’s lovely on hot buttered toast, as a cake filling, on pancakes or any other way you like to use jam! Get creative with scones, tea cakes or swirl it into blondies. There are so many options for this yummy and versatile spread.

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Carrot Jam

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3 ingredient carrot jam is really lovely and oddly doesn't taste of carrots at all - it is just like apricot jam! Try this easy recipe that dates back to the 1800s.

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- Peel and grate a carrot to total 50g grated. Set aside.

- With the rest of the carrots, peel them and chop into rounds. Put in a saucepan and add enough water to just cover them. Cook until soft, drain and puree with a blender or immersion hand blender. Put the pureed carrots into a fine sieve and push out any excess water.

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