Fall Home Decor Tour – Navy and Rust

Gallery Of Fall Home Decor Tour – Navy and Rust

Fall Home Decor Tour – Navy and Rust

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Fall Home Decor Tour – Navy and Rust

Hey everyone – welcome to my navy and rust fall home tour! I’m excited to be joining a fun group of bloggers sharing our fall decor today. The first stop on the tour is Randi from , her home is beautiful! You will die over her kitchen, check it all out .

If you are stopping by from Randi’s house or one of the other fab ladies on the tour, thanks for checking out our lake home here in Michigan. We built this home a year ago, and I’ve been busy making it feel like home ever since.

Fall Home Decor Tour – Navy and Rust

As you will soon see, blue and white are my favorite colors, but this year I decided to throw a few pops of rust and deep orange in to mix things up. Our living room is our favorite spot to enjoy the view , so we made sure to have a cozy sectional big enough to fit our whole family.

It’s especially inviting with the candles and fireplace lit up.

I love to decorate with fresh flowers and plants. It’s my favorite way to change things out seasonally without adding a lot of clutter. I added some fall kale and cabbage to a planter on my coffee table for a fall touch that will last the whole season, well if I remember to water it…

I found most of the rust colored pillows inexpensively at H&M this year, and I love that they have a fall vibe without being bright orange.

I kept it simple on the mantel this year with a few pumpkins and beach grass I cut from the backyard.

Fall Home Decor Tour – Navy and Rust

I found this cool candelabra and added extra large 15 inch candles to it. I love the drama and warmth they add.

Sunflowers are always a favorite of mine in the fall, but I love to buy the little plants vs cut ones because they will last me a lot longer.

Bonus, I can eventually transfer them to the ground and hope they pop up again next year.

I brought fall into our master bedroom a little bit this year with a pretty coral colored mum from the local nursery and these Fleur de Lis pillows from Jenny Steffens Hobick Designs.

I can’t seem to get a photo in here without Charlie photobombing. He thinks this is actually his bed and he allows us to sleep in here sometimes with him. Luckily, he coordinates pretty well with the colors ;)

Fall Home Decor Tour – Navy and Rust

I’m still making the most of our hydrangeas in our yard, and I keep a fresh vase full in the kitchen at all times. We love to go apple picking here in Michigan, and homemade applesauce is on the agenda for this weekend.

Our entry got little pop of fall as well thanks to this leather bin and pillow.

You can almost sneak a peek of our fall front porch out the door. I’ll be sharing more of that later this fall, but I do have my fall window boxes full of mums and they are a favorite of mine to switch out with the seasons.

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking our tour, if you’d like to see more of our new home, you can take the full tour . I’ll also list most of the sources below for you, but you can also check out my “” page too!

Next up on the tour is Jennifer from , I love her style! Check out her fall home tour .

Fall Home Decor Tour – Navy and Rust

You can visit the rest of the ladies on the tour by clicking the links below!

Sources – contains affiliate links

Gate leg table – flea market find

Mirror – HomeGoods is a similar one

Table – Art Van Furniture – similar one here

Fall Home Decor Tour – Navy and Rust

Find all my paint colors throughout our home !

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Kelly…..could you please tell me where you bought the wall lamps in your bedroom? I just love them! Thanks

Hey Cindy sorry I forgot to link them! They are from Wayfair but you can find them on the shop our home page. Thanks :)

Did you line the baskets that you planted out with live plants? Can u write details on that process?

Fall Home Decor Tour – Navy and Rust

Hey Nicole I actually bought them already lined from a local nursery! I don’t think it would be too hard to line some yourself though :) They just have a thick plastic tucked in them.

Your home is beautiful as always! I was wondering where you got the copper pitcher that is sitting on the counter in your kitchen? I love copper, and I have a blue and white kitchen as well. Such a beautiful combination!!

Hi Becky that was a flea market find! Antique stores and flea markets seem to be the best place to pick up copper for me.

I’m in love with your subtle Fall touches, especially those sunflowers and your fabulous window boxes! I know we aren’t supposed to covet, but those babies have me seeing green with envy! They are stunning! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us! xo

Thanks so much Randi! It was such a privilege to join you all on this tour :)

Fall Home Decor Tour – Navy and Rust

Beautiful home! Enjoyed your fall home tour.

Thanks so much Elizabeth, have a great weekend!

I really enjoyed all of the lovely homes on the blog tour but, hands down… you win! I could walk into your house and feel like I’m home! What I mean is, besides being gorgeous, your home is charming and welcoming like a bug hug and there is very little clutter. I wouldn’t even be nervous turning my husband loose in there, lol! I love your blues and whites and warm woods. SO lovely! I would feel perfectly welcome to snuggle up on that giant sofa with those smooshy pillows with my feet up in front of the fire, or sit at your dining room table, facing the lake of course, and share stories over a glass of wine. Then, when it was time to leave, I’d kidnap Charlie and go home.

The last comment about Charlie almost made me spit my coffee out ha!! Love it! Thanks so much for always being such an encouragement to me Dori. Really it means a lot. I’m constantly telling my kids they have the opportunity every day to fill someone’s bucket up or dump it out and you always lift me up! That doesn’t always happen online so thank you thank you. I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

Kelly, I love your home and your fall look! The candelabra was such a great find! Adding those flowering plants inside is such a cute idea. I used to do it, but haven’t in a while. You’ve inspired me to pick one up next time I’m out! Happy Fall and thanks for joining us for this! xoxo

Fall Home Decor Tour – Navy and Rust

Thanks Jennifer! Your home is truly amazing! Thanks again for including me on the tour this year :)

love your drop leaf table I have an Irish drop leg farmhouse table from the 20s Wondering if you refinished yours I love to be brave enough to refinish mine!!!

Hey Sandi I actually bought it like this from an antique store. It’s actually in rough shape and one of the legs is broken but I love it anyway!

Your home is seriously so gorgeous! I love all the blue details!

Love your fall tour! Your home is so beautiful!

Fall Home Decor Tour – Navy and Rust

Thanks so much Erin, it was great joining all of you talented ladies this year! Thanks for including me :)

Enjoyed looking at all the touches of Fall in the bedroom; very subtle, along with the blue, white & brown.

Thanks Jo, it was fun to add just a few simple touches :)

So beautiful, Kelly…as always! I love following your blog. I have blue and white in my home, too and didn’t want to decorate for Fall this year, but you have inspired me to do so! Happy Friday!

Oh great! Sometimes it feels like a lot of a hassle to seasonally decorate but if you just add a few pillows and swap out flowers it can be fun!

Fall Home Decor Tour – Navy and Rust

Always so lovely! The Fleur De Lis pillows perfectly highlight the wooden painting frame and the bed frame. Sweet!

Thank you Nicole it was fun to incorporate a little fall in here too!

Kelly! Thank you so much for sharing the H&M pillow sham find the other day. I live in such a tiny lake cottage that finding storage friendly decor is always a bonus. I’m so limited for space I’ve been known to keep shams inside of shams.

I also love the combination of rust and navy. I think it’s a fall duo that is a twist on traditional and is very refreshing. The extra pillows and throws make the space feel so cozy and inviting. Your home has always felt like the embodiment of lake living and I love how welcoming your spaces feel! And to be completely honest, I LOVE the Charlie photobombs. Happy Fall!

Thanks so much Lauren, seriously so nice! Cozy and inviting is always what I’ve striving for so your comment means a lot!

Fall Home Decor Tour – Navy and Rust

Your home is so lovely. It feels very peaceful.

I love all the fall touches, without any orange and almost no pumpkins! Just perfect!

I didn’t see a source for the plaid blanket on your dining room chair; could you tell me where that is from?

I am in the process of redoing our lower level family room and while it doesn’t have your windows, I am using your color scheme and “feel” of your great room as my inspiration!

It’s actually a blanket scarf ha! I looks cute on a chair or with jeans ;) I bought it at a local boutique. Good luck with your family room!

Fall Home Decor Tour – Navy and Rust

I absolutely love the rust color in your decor. The mum is the perfect touch of fall for your bedroom!!! And Charlie is adorable!

Thanks Miranda! He is the perfect accessory in every room ha :)

What a lovely and warm home you have ! I was wondering where you got your ceiling fan in the master…..that is exactly what I have been looking for ! Thank you !

Hi Beth, thank you! It was from Home Depot but they don’t carry it anymore unfortunately!

Kelly, Shout out from over in Northeast Ohio. I’m waiting for the leaves to change in my backyard, too. Your home is so beautiful! I’ve been working over my home one room at a time. Your bright, airy, cottage style always gives me ideas for my own house!

Fall Home Decor Tour – Navy and Rust

Thanks Laura! The leaves are just starting to change in a few spots – love the midwest this time of year :)

Where is the tile in your entry way from? I love it!!

It slate tile from Build Direct. If you search Lake House Flooring in the search bar on my site you will find direct links to all my flooring – thanks!

Kelly, Just curious if you ever named this house? I was wondering if I missed it in one of your posts.

I still haven’t ha! I can’t settle on anything I love. Still open to suggestions :)

Fall Home Decor Tour – Navy and Rust

I’m in love with your sunroom! Just found your blog and love your style. I have the same dining table and chairs.

Oh from our old house? I do miss our sunroom sometimes :)

Such beautiful blue color on the island, do you know the color?

I believe it’s called Blustery Sky. If you search lake house paint colors on my site they should all pop up!

Could you tell me where your beautiful rustic mantle came from? Your home is stunning!

Fall Home Decor Tour – Navy and Rust

Hi Deann, it was actually in the basement of the old house we knocked down to build here. It was fun we were able to save the old beams :)

Hi Kelly. I see that you mentioned that the sectional is Art Van Home. Do you know the name of the sectional? And is it super comfortable? It looks fabulous. Thanks so much!

I think it’s the Harper sectional we special ordered it in a different fabric, in the store it’s grey.

Can you please tell me what the dimensions are of your sunroom with the fireplace?

I think it’s about 21 x 21 thanks!

Fall Home Decor Tour – Navy and Rust

Your kitchen island is stunning. Did you have it made or did you buy it? I’m looking to put in a new island and wondering which is easier.

Hey Amy we had it custom built. I would say that is the way to go if it’s in the budget. Then you can get exactly what you want for your space.

Hi Kelly, Your home is beautiful. Do you Have a link to where I can purchase the sailboat art print hanging over the bed? Thanks!

google MelissaLyonsart and you will find her shop!

I searched to see if I could find this info before asking, BUT what color white did you choose for the wallas and ceiling? Thanks and sorry if I missed it:)

Fall Home Decor Tour – Navy and Rust

Hi Linda, it’s extra white by Sherwin Williams thanks!

Hi, Your home is lovely. Can you tell me about the wood floors? I’m particularly interested in the finish. It looks almost matte which is what I’m striving for, and the color is just right, not too light and not too dark. Thanks!

Hey Katharine if you are on instagram check out my saved stories I answer a ton of faq’s there and link to them too! They are from Build Direct, you can find the link for them on my FAQ page on my blog otherwise :)

Love your home! We are thinking about building our retirement home soon. Could you share the name of your builder?

I thoroughly enjoyed looking over the eye-candy that is your home; gorgeous!! I did get a chuckle, though, when I saw the kale/ornamental cabbage planted inside and thought that I’d share an anecdotal faux pas of mine. Years ago, after seeing numerous magazine pictures wherein designers had used kales and cabbages on Thanksgiving and even Christmas tables, I became inspired to try it myself. I toiled and sweated, and, finally, had my own lovely, little masterpiece. How proud I was of myself!! I turned my attention to other tasks, but, as the night wore on, and I walked in and out of the dining room, I began to notice this….this….well, this SMELL!! ***Attn: Charlie*** Immediately, I looked over at my English Bulldog, Winston, with horror!! Winston looked back at me with corresponding horror and, then, in bulldogese, sd to me, “Don’t even think about blaming me for this one, Mom!! It’s those funny-looking, green creatures that you plopped on the dining room table!!’. Ugh….the cabbage!! I had just decorated my lovely dining room with odor-spewing cabbage!!! So, these days, all cabbage and kale is left to the great outdoors that is my front yard. I do wonder, though, when I see pics in magazines and blogs like yours, how you all get away with it without needing an industrial air filtration system???!! :-) Oh!!! Word of warning: You don’t want to hear my Bradford Pear bouquet story….ewwww :-

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