Garlic & rosemary scalloped potato roast

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Garlic & rosemary scalloped potato roast

Garlic & rosemary scalloped potato roast

Garlic & rosemary scalloped potato roast

This scalloped potato roast is simple to make, and a great prepare-ahead side dish. Rosemary & garlic make it fragrant and delicious. Tuck in!

The nights are starting to draw in, and thoughts are turning to delicious dishes of comforting potato, creamy soft within, crispy on top, and flavoured with deliciousness. Mmmm.

I do love a potato dish that can be part-prepared in advance, then left in a pre-set oven so it’s cooked and lovely when you’re ready to eat it. On this occasion, Kipper and I had been out to ‘Kabbalat for Kids’ – a child-friendly start-of-shabbat service – and arrived home, ready for our Shabbat dinner. The glorious scent of garlic, rosemary and roasting potatoes filled the house. Did I already say mmmmm? Mmmmmm.

Garlic & rosemary scalloped potato roast

Like so many of my best ideas, this actually started life as something else. It was supposed to be a , but having peeled the potatoes, I just couldn’t be bothered to start peeling carrots as well. So then I though I’d just do the layer bake with potatoes & onions. But I remembered some fresh rosemary that needed using up. And garlic makes everything better. And putting the slices on their side ) makes it look so beautiful! Also, it means that every slice of this scalloped potato roast is meltingly soft at one end and crisply golden at the other. Mmmmmmm.

If you slice the potatoes in the , this gorgeous scalloped potato roast takes mere minutes to make. Even slicing by hand, it doesn’t take very long. Once it’s had its 10 minutes in the microwave, you can set it aside for a few hours till you’re ready to bake it, so it’s a perfect prepare ahead dish.

Kipper and DH were both very keen on this. DH said several times that I should make it again. I expect I will!

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Garlic & rosemary scalloped potato roast

Garlic & rosemary scalloped potato roast

- 1.5-2 tsp chopped fresh rosemary

- 150 ml hot vegetable stock 2/3 cup

- Peel the potatoes, and cut into 5-7mm thick slices .

- Rinse and drain the potato slices and transfer to a bowl with the garlic, rosemary and oil. Use your hands to mix everything together very thoroughly, so that each slice is coated with the oily mixture.

- Arrange the potato slices on their sides in a 20cm round baking dish. Pour the hot stock over the top, then microwave on high for 10 minutes.

Garlic & rosemary scalloped potato roast

- Transfer the dish to the oven and roast at 175C for 45 minutes - 1 hour, until golden brown and crispy on top. Serve immediately!

Calories 297, Total Fat 23g , Total Carbohydrates 22g , Protein 3g

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I wonder how this would do with Sweet potatoes… sliced and seasoned the same way? I think the best part is the crunchy edge. Soak in water a short while then rinse to eliminate the starch that can make it soggy.

Garlic & rosemary scalloped potato roast

Sounds yummy to me! What a great idea. Please come back and let us know how it turns out ????

Could you do this recipe in a crockpot on low all day, then right before serving put it in the oven for a few minutes to crisp the top layer?

Hi Morgan. I’ve never made this in a crockpot but I’m not sure it would survive all day cooking, even on low. I think the potatoes would turn to mush ????

If you try it this way, please do come back and let us know what happens! Thanks and all the best, Helen.

I made this as it’s a good filling vegan potato dish. It was delicious. Next time I would cut the potatoes into thinner slices as mine were a bit chunky. Haven’t got a microwave so boiled them a bit first. Probably wouldn’t bother boiling them first, next time.

Garlic & rosemary scalloped potato roast

After I microwave this can I leave it until the next day to do the oven baking?

I don’t see why not. Let it cool, refrigerate it overnight, and then add a little time in the oven as it’ll be heating up from cold. Enjoy!

This looks and sounds wonderful. But what if you only have dried spices? Are the measurements the same?

Thanks Murray! You can certainly use dried rosemary. The flavour may be a little stronger, so use a bit less and see how it goes. I hope you enjoy it!

Think thyme would be just as good as rosemary? Mine died in the heat.

Garlic & rosemary scalloped potato roast

I don’t see why not! I often throw in different kinds of herbs and spices – it always comes out delicious ????

I love the way these can be prepped in advance, now I just need to find the right size/shape pot to cook them in!

Thanks Sheila. I hope you find a good one – the potato slices need to be snug so that they stand up.

Brilliant. Easy to prepare and looks great.

This looks brilliant and really tasty.

Garlic & rosemary scalloped potato roast

If you don’t have a microwave how do you adjust the cooking time/ liquid? My family would love this!

Same amount of liquid but another 20+ Mins in the oven. Also you need to bake it straightaway as the potatoes will go black if left to stand while still raw.

Love this combination in the autumn, as a veggie I love livening up potatoes.

What a lovely twist on a family favourite. I grow rosemary and am going to add it to my next scalloped potato dish!

Ooh this looks really lovely. As you say, mmmmmmm! I think I might have to make a sneaky veg version of this with carrots in. Thanks for linking up with #CookBlogShare this week

Garlic & rosemary scalloped potato roast

Thanks Mandy. Carrots sound like a great addition. I keep meaning to do something similar with sweet potatoes. I bet there’s all sorts of things you could sneak in… ????

I love this twist on a roast potato. I’ve never thought to cook potatoes vertically like this, but why not? It really looks lovely.

Thanks Jemma. I agree it looks lovely and it has the advantage of each slice being both soft and yummy on the bottom, and deliciously crispy on top ????

This sounds awesome!! I will have to try it ASAP! ????

Looks delicious – I love the brown tips; would certainly add to the crunch factor. YUM.

Garlic & rosemary scalloped potato roast

The crispy crunchy edges are the best bit! And the great thing is… everyone gets some! No more fighting over the ‘crispy bits’ ????

Nice! The recipe looks simple yet good! Especially love the addition of rose mary! yummy!

Thanks Celine. The rosemary does add an extra layer of yumminess ????

This looks so simple! I can’t wait to try it. .. garlic and rosemary are some of my favorite things!

Thanks Amanda. It’s simple, but really delicious. I hope you enjoy it!

Garlic & rosemary scalloped potato roast

I can eat potatoes all the time. Love the addition of rosemary and garlic!

Thanks Ilona. Garlic makes everything tastier!! ????

This looks so yummy! The epitome of comfort food for me in the coming season.

Thanks Cheryl. I think we’re definitely getting into comfort food season now…

This dish looks like perfect fall comfort food allright! I love the crispy edges and creamy underside. I can smell it cookng from here!

Garlic & rosemary scalloped potato roast

The crispy edges are my favourite bit ????

I have a similar recipe….perfect way to present potatoes…not to mention tasty!!

Thanks Gloria. You’re right, it’s a lovely presentation. Makes a very simple dish look really pretty!

Haha Helen, I’m getting the idea you sort of liked this dish ???? I can quite see why of course.

You’re right, I sort of liked it! LOL! Now I just have to remember to not make it every week!!

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