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Nest is known for developing smart home tech and here is another one, , which offers smarter features that other smoke detectors in the market. It follows in the footsteps of the immensely successful, . The is possibly the most mundane device of the lot. It’s a smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector that alerts your phone to any dangers it detects, as well as sounding the usual ear-shattering alarm.

Best smart smoke detector? Here is why:

To make a product smart you also have to make it designed like one. The looks like a high-end well-designed product, coming with just one colour, it is the perfect product to stick to your ceiling. The Nest Protect comes in two versions, wired and battery operated. The wired version ships with three AA batteries that kick in during a power cut and the battery edition ships with six AA batteries that Nest claims will last five years.

Before an alarm goes off, a Heads-up notification will kick in, if there’s a lot of smoke or carbon monoxide an actual alarm will sound, along with “Emergency! There’s smoke in the kitchen,” helping you to decide on the best exit route in the event of a fire. You’ll also get a notification on your phone or tablet to warn that an alarm has gone off which is very useful if you’re away from home and can potentially call the emergency services.

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