Getting Started With Solar Power

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Getting Started With Solar Power

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Getting Started With Solar Power

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> Curious about solar? Wondering how you can make more sustainable choices or maybe even go off the grid? This comprehensive quick-start guide will help you get started.

Solar panels harness energy from sunlight and a series of devices create usable energy for all kinds of electronics.

Getting Started With Solar Power

Our OFF GRID system works like this:

- Solar energy is harnessed by photovoltaic, or PV, panels.

- These panels send the energy to our battery bank .

- The energy from the batteries is sent to an “inverter” which changes the DC power from the batteries into useable AC .

- The inverter sends power to our breaker box, which sends power to all outlets and fixtures just like in a “normal” house.

Getting Started With Solar Power

“Do you have power when the sun goes down?”

Yes. The battery bank supplies enough power to last through the night and beyond.

There is still solar energy reaching our eyes on cloudy days, so the panels “see” it but don’t operate at maximum efficiency. The battery bank can make up the deficit during .

“What if your batteries run low and it’s cloudy for a long time?”

Our can be connected to the system to replenish the batteries in periods of .

Getting Started With Solar Power

“How do I know how much power I need?”

It really depends on lots of factors, including your usage, climate, and so on. Check out to learn more about determining your solar energy needs.

What are the differences between grid-tied and off-grid systems?

These systems have solar panels that connect through your home to your local energy grid. Your power bill goes through “net metering” where your utility company offsets your power bill based on the amount of energy your panels “sell back” to the grid.

You typically don’t have all of the extra components that an off-grid system needs to have. For example, there’s no battery bank to supply power through the night since the grid provides the energy you need to cover the gaps.

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