Gin & Appletiser – a refreshing Christmas Cocktail

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Gin & Appletiser – a refreshing Christmas Cocktail

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Gin & Appletiser – a refreshing Christmas Cocktail

Published on November 30, 2015 by Helen

Last Updated on October 19, 2018

Gin & Appletiser – a refreshing Christmas Cocktail

This gin and sparkling apple juice makes an easy seasonal twist on a gin and tonic which is ideal to serve at a Christmas party. Cranberry ice cubes are easy to make, and really make it look so much more special. Gluten Free.

The season of Christmas parties is about to start, and there is the always the question of what to serve your guests. I like to have something different, but not too alcoholic, heavily spiced or anything that I am going to feel the effects of the day after.

I like to serve my guests something different, which is easy to prepare as well as looking appetising. In a twist on a the classic everyday G&T I have swapped the tonic for Appletiser, sparkling apple juice, and served with cranberry ice cubes, a stick of cinnamon, twist of lime and a slice of apple. It looks great with the jewelled cranberry ice cubes, tastes delicious, the cinnamon has a lovely Christmassy smell, and importantly it can be made as strong or as week, or even as a mocktail to each guest’s taste. An added bonus is that at a crowded party any spills won’t stain the carpet!

Appletiser has been made since 1966, and is popular world over, I remember greatly enjoying it through the years, and certainly as a child drank it for a treat.

If making this for a large number of people start making the ice cubes a good few days in advance – use the biggest ice cube tray you have for big chunky cubes, and prepare the lime and apple slices before your guests arrive. Make sure that everything is well chilled. I used a branded, but not a premium gin for these.

Gin & Appletiser – a refreshing Christmas Cocktail

Fruit ice cubes like these cranberry ice cubes will make any drink look far more special. The trick is to freeze the fruit in the middle of the cube, and to make large ice cubes. I use a silicone mould that makes 15 cubes. Pop a few cranberries into the middle of the mould then half top up with water. If they float freeze with the ice cube tray half full. Once frozen top up with more water and refreeze.

A simply fuss free almost effortless trick for impressive serving.

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Gin &Appletiser a refreshing Christmas Cocktail

A fruity twist on a gin & tonic, this long refreshing cocktail is lightly spiced and perfect for a Christmas party. Easy to make and serve over ice. Take out the cinnamon stick and serve it in the summer too!

Gin & Appletiser – a refreshing Christmas Cocktail

- 50 ml / 2 shots of gin - chilled use a branded label, but no need to splash out on premium

- 250 ml Appletiser original - chilled

- Place 4 cranberries in each compartment of an ice cube tray, top up with distilled water and freeze overnight. If the cranberries float, half fill the tray, allow to freeze then top up with more water.

- Pour the gin into a glass, top with with Appletiser, add the ice cubes, cinnamon stick and apple. Give the lime wedge a gentle squeeze and then add to the drink.

- Adapt for summer drinking with a sprig of mint in place of the cinnamon stick, and mint or lemon jewelled ice cubes

Gin & Appletiser – a refreshing Christmas Cocktail

- This recipe is 10 Weight Watchers Smart Points per portion

Gin &Appletiser a refreshing Christmas Cocktail

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.


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Gin & Appletiser – a refreshing Christmas Cocktail

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Recipe commissioned by Appletiser. All opinions our own.

Gin & Appletiser – a refreshing Christmas Cocktail

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This is right up my street Helen! A big gin fan but I must admit I’ve never swapped out tonic for Appletiser before. Very original! I’ll definitely give this a try.

It was super delicious – and a nice refreshing twist on a classic.

Gin & Appletiser – a refreshing Christmas Cocktail

These sound so festive, but refreshing! I love the cranberry ice cubes and the appletiser is such a great tonic alternative. YUM!

I really do not like over spiced food at Christmas. People get so heavy handed on the mixed spice, nutmeg etc.

I’m beginning to wish that I loved gin as my feed is full of delicious looking gin based cocktails today!

Thanks Janie, I am sure it would work with vodka too?

A very Christmassey looking drink, and now it’s December I can start to enjoy the pre Christmas build up. Lovely!

Gin & Appletiser – a refreshing Christmas Cocktail

I adore the cranberries frozen into ice. I’ll have to do that with lemon and lime slices. I do like borage flowers frozen in ice in Pimms cup in summer.

Thanks Meredith. It is all in the presentation isn’t it?

That looks totally festive, I could do with a glass of that whilst putting my Christmas tree up!

Absolutely. It was so refreshing too.

My girlfriend and me loved it, thanks Helen!

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