How to Increase Your Milk Supply in 48 Hours

Gallery Of How to Increase Your Milk Supply in 48 Hours

How to Increase Your Milk Supply in 48 Hours

How to Increase Your Milk Supply in 48 Hours

How to Increase your Breastmilk Production

So about a week away from Jay and I’s first day trip without Emmy, I realized I didn’t have enough breast milk stored up for grandma to feed our baby girl. I needed to re-stock my freezer stash stat, but when I tried to get back into my pumping routine, I quickly noticed things were not producing the way they used to. I was only getting 1-2 ounces at times.

I can’t say I was shocked, but I was definitely bummed . I knew that breast milk was a supply and demand market and I had definitely decreased the demand lately. I was honestly tired of pumping and had been slacking. So I started doing some research and some serious pumping.

48 hours later I was well on my way back to the good ol’ days of pumping 6-7 ounces each time! My milk-makin’- mission basically consumed my life for those 2 days, but once I got going again it just kept on coming.

How to Increase Your Milk Supply in 48 Hours

Water Increase= Milk Supply Increase

H2O makes liquid gold, mamas! DRINK MORE WATER! I’m sure you hear this alot, but it’s true! Breast milk is 88% water, so if you aren’t drinking at every feeding, your body will soon get dehydrated! A normal person should drink 64 ounces of water a day. But us breastfeeding mamas need closer to 100 ounces of water!

Make sure you are doing this in the easiest way possible. I noticed that it is much easier for me to drink this amount when I have a straw. So I went out and bought a large reusable 16 oz. water bottle with a straw. I find myself able to literally GULP water alot easier than if it was just in a cup. I am able to finish and refill my water bottle easily 4 times a day, but really have to push myself to get those last two re-fills in. I’ll be honest, I don’t make it happen 7 days a week, but when I do, I can tell a difference.

*Let There be Milk is currently sold out on Amazon, but it available for free 2-day ship at Walmart.

The name speaks for itself. is all-natural drops that increase breast milk production. I did 3 servings on the first day and 5 servings the second of my milk makin’ mission . I had not tried this product prior to my production dropping and was floored by the results. I woke up after day one and my breasts were SO FULL!

How to Increase Your Milk Supply in 48 Hours

After two days of taking the drops, I was filling the bottles when pumping. I continued to take the product 3-4 times per week in order to maintain my milk supply. Seriously, I cannot say enough about how much this product has made milk production easier for me in general.

Just a heads up, if you try this, the taste is STRONG! Like really, really, strong! I think it may be the thistle? I use the dropper to put it WAY back in the back of my throat then quickly wash it down with some water. A small price to pay… but totally worth it!

for those who struggle with the taste of the liquid drops! Hallelujah!

**UPDATE: I have received dozens of emails from readers letting me know that this product always seems to be out of stock on Amazon and ask if I have any other recommendations.I have to say I am not surprised that it sells out, it’s a wonderful product. While I have not personally tried any other products, I have found one that seems to have the same ingredients as Let There be Milk . It’s called . They have a few different kinds of drops, but be sure to get the one with the goat’s rue support ().

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