How to make $1,500 a month on Pinterest

Gallery Of How to make $1,500 a month on Pinterest

How to make $1,500 a month on Pinterest

How to make $1,500 a month on Pinterest

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Want to know how to make money on Pinterest?

I’m not ashamed to admit that I started blogging because I wanted to make money. And since I’ve started, I’ve realised Pinterest is another way to make money online. And you can do it with or without a blog.

In this post, I’m going to tell you exactly how to make money using Pinterest , and how much you can be earning .

How to make $1,500 a month on Pinterest

HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON PINTEREST: How much can you make?

Before I even tell you how, you’ll probably want a rough idea of how much you can actually make, to see if it’s worth your time. .

The truth is that there isn’t really a maximum amount you can make. It’s limitless.

Looking for a more accurate figure to aspire to? Dale, from , currently makes around $500 per month simply pinning images on Pinterest. Even better is she now sells a book teaching you exactly how she does it, Get paid to Pin!

Here’s an extract from her blog:

How to make $1,500 a month on Pinterest

You can read more about her ebook in this post.

Leah from makes $1,500 per month from her Pinterest side hustle ).

And I have no doubt that you could make even more!

Now you know that you can make money on Pinterest, you’ll want to get started straight away.

And whilst it is easy, it does take a little bit of time depending on what stage you’re at.

How to make $1,500 a month on Pinterest

Below I’ve made a step by step of what you need to do to prepare, then the different ways how to make money on Pinterest.

But if you need more detail than just a blog post, I teach you how to use Pinterest for beginners in my free course Easy Pinterest with Emily.

I wasted way too much time learning how to use Pinterest as a beginner blogger. I don’t want you to have to go through the same!

Otherwise, check out the steps below:


How to make $1,500 a month on Pinterest

It’s pretty obvious, but you can’t make money from Pinterest if you’re not on there! Start by creating a Pinterest account . Then follow

Now you have a Pinterest account that looks good, it’s time to get people looking at it! You now need to build a following.

Whilst it doesn’t technically matter how many followers you have , generally speaking the more followers your board has = the more people seeing when you pin something to that board. And for you, that potentially means more money you make!

You can build an audience on Pinterest by doing the following:

If the images you’re pinning look amazing, more people will pin them. Then more people will see them . You can make sure your pins look good by:

How to make $1,500 a month on Pinterest

- Taking amazing photographs if you are using your own images. You can .

If you have a blog, you need to be pinning images to Pinterest with your blog post titles on. Make sure:

- Creating graphics that are designed to do well

Not sure what exactly your Pinterest graphics need to look good and do well on Pinterest? !


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