How to organise under the kitchen sink cupboard

Gallery Of How to organise under the kitchen sink cupboard

How to organise under the kitchen sink cupboard

How to organise under the kitchen sink cupboard

by May 23, 2017August 21, 2017

written by May 23, 2017August 21, 2017

From a recent survey I learnt that the kitchen, and in particular under the kitchen sink, is one of the cupboards that many of my readers have trouble keeping tidy. I keep my under the kitchen sink cupboard fairly minimal for a few reason:

- It’s easier to find what I need

How to organise under the kitchen sink cupboard

- There is less clutter as I’m using less commercial cleaners.

I thought it would be good to share a post on ‘How to organise under the kitchen sink cupboard’ so you can see how I sort out mine and you can have another clutter-free space in the house!

You want to make this cupboard organised enough that everything has a place to avoid it from becoming a mess. You only want to have supplies in there that you use regularly to avoid it becoming too cluttered.

- Remove everything from the cupboard, grouping similar items together

- Access what was under the sink

How to organise under the kitchen sink cupboard

- Purge anything you no longer need

These drawers are from Bunnings. In the top drawer I keep my tea towels. Previously, I stored them on the other side of the kitchen. I’ve moved my stash to directly under the sink so we don’t drip water onto the floor. In the lower drawers I have dishwasher tablets and spare sponges.

This aqua tension rod holds my homemade cleaning bottles, it helps to keep the cupboard clutter free. I got this rod a few years ago from . Tension rods are extremely hard to find, if you find one please let me know! Bunnings don’t sell them. Spotlight have some great quality ones, however, their smallest is 80cm.

I’ve placed 3M hooks on the cupboard door to hold our gloves. I have 2 pairs one for my small hands and one for my hubby .

I have recently changed from my glass jar of to this plastic container, only because I wanted more wipes on hand as I found I was using up the 6 wipes that would fit in the old jar far too quickly.

How to organise under the kitchen sink cupboard

Items I use in my under the sink cupboard

- Microfibre clothes – $10 for a pack of 20 from Bunnings

- Container for wipes – Decor from Spotlight $14.99

- Stackable Drawers – $19.98 each from Bunnings

- Sink Tidy Caddy – $19.99 from Spotlight

How to organise under the kitchen sink cupboard

- Long white Slide ‘n’ Stack plastic basket – $16.95 from Howards Storage World

- Smaller white plastic basket -$2 from local dollar store

- 3M hooks – Coles or Bunnings

- Gold Bulldog clips – Kikki K or Officeworks

- Labels – Avery AV39028 and AV39030 from Officeworks

How to organise under the kitchen sink cupboard

Here are a few posts I have shared previously about the kitchen:

Do you have troubles keeping your under kitchen sink cupboard organised?

A mum of three who has a passion for organising. Kat shows us how she stays in control at home sharing cleaning tips, organising ideas, printable charts and more. She shows us what she packs the kids for lunch plus many family friendly recipes.

Kat this is brilliant, you always show us is such simple steps that even I think I can achieve something like this, I really need to give me cupboard a good clean out.

Katrina - The Organised Housewife May 23, 2017 - 12:41 PM

How to organise under the kitchen sink cupboard

Happy to share, on the most part a good declutter and tidy up will always help with making it more manageable ????

Just reading your post about how to organise the cupboard under the sink. I think you could buy a curtain rod & tension ends from any curtain shop & it would do the same job as you can get it cut to fit. Keep up the good work cos i love your emails.

So tidy. Ours isn’t too bad but a lot of the space is taken up with fitted bins and a water filter. It does get grungy under there though so it’s time for a cleanout.

You could always use a shower curtain rod instead of the tension rod. They have them at the Dollar Store, Freds, or Family Dollar. Possibly at Walmart too.

Hi, Katrina. The tension rod is a brilliant idea! I just hang my cleaning bottle spray on a small kitchen rack which also has a rod. However, it is exposed and can be an eyesore. Now you gave me an idea on how to store it under the sink!

How to organise under the kitchen sink cupboard

Wendy December 5, 2017 - 1:21 PM

Love that idea it looks well organised and clean. Under my sink is all cluttered with fly spray, shower cleaner, hand cleaner, borax etc. Where do you store all that type of stuff?

This is an amazing idea. I’m definitely going to do my cupboards this weekend. Thank you

Katrina - The Organised Housewife June 27, 2018 - 8:50 AM

I definitely find it makes life easier! ????

How to organise under the kitchen sink cupboard

Lindi January 14, 2019 - 8:37 AM

What a genius under sink solution.

If I can manage to lower my shelf to still store my fry pan, Sandwich press and piemaker…

Make my life so much easier, when I tidy up a few weeks ago I found 3 bottles of dish washing liquids several opened packets of sponges scorers and long lost tin of dog food.. think of the money I could save…If I can srt out the shelf problem it’s a fixed shelf…… Thanks ???

Katrina - The Organised Housewife January 14, 2019 - 2:43 PM

How to organise under the kitchen sink cupboard

LOL 3 bottles of dish liquid! isn’t it funny the things we find in a clean out ????

Jannine Petrie January 26, 2019 - 11:42 AM

Thanks for your great tips. You can purchase tension rods from eBay the smallest I saw was 30-50cm. ?

Katrina - The Organised Housewife January 31, 2019 - 1:02 PM

Thanks for sharing that! I got mine from bunnings ????

How to organise under the kitchen sink cupboard

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How to organise under the kitchen sink cupboard

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How to organise under the kitchen sink cupboard

by May 23, 2017August 21, 2017

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