How to Print Using Freezer Paper

Gallery Of How to Print Using Freezer Paper

How to Print Using Freezer Paper

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How to Print Using Freezer Paper

This is how to print using freezer paper so you can customize anything right at home. Create personalized t shirts, wood signs, pillows and more using freezer paper and your printer. Here are step by step instructions of how you can do it too and make gifts everyone will love.

I know…you’re probably wondering what the heck I am talking about when when you see how to print using freezer paper, but it is true. Using your printer, freezer paper, and a hard surface you can transfer anything you print out on to a piece of cloth or even wood! Here is how we did it and a roundup of other clever ways from other bloggers at the bottom of this post too!

How to Print Using Freezer Paper

Here is step by step directions and pictures showing you how to do it right at home .

This is how to print using freezer paper

- Let me show you how easy it is.

- The first thing you need to do is find a picture you want on the computer, or create one in Word.

- Once you have the image and/or wording done in Word you need to do a 3D rotation option of 180 degrees on the image so when it is put on it goes on the correct direction.

How to Print Using Freezer Paper

- If you don’t know how to do that just google the instructions but if you have a Mac you can do it in the printing stage by clicking this button.

- Now get your freezer paper ready ) ready.

- Now you want to cut the freezer paper to the same size as a normal sheet of paper. You can use a razor or scissors to do this but make sure it is exactly the same or else it won’t fit thru your printer and get clogged.

- Then you will need to feed your freezer paper into your printer….but first you need it to be on a harder surface so we are going to use a glue stick and glue the shiny side UP and glue it on to a piece of paper.

- Use an ink jet printer and feed it thru so that it prints on your freezer paper side .

How to Print Using Freezer Paper

- An ink jet is necessary as other printers ink won’t work for this diy freezer paper project

- The print will come out on your freezer paper, now you need to find a piece of cloth, pillow, t shirt or …..whatever you want it to transfer on to.

- Find something hard and flat like a credit card, side of a school type eraser, etc…so you can scrape the image off.

It will come out of your printer looking like this.

Yes it is backwards on your paper but that is correct.

How to Print Using Freezer Paper

- Scrape from the top to the bottom and every inch of the design so that it rubs off on to your desired piece.

- Once you are done you will have a customized piece that you can give away or keep for yourself. ????

- It works on wood as well as you can see below, or material like the pillow.

- You can use the freezer paper design multiple times or until the ink wears out too.

Make sure you get it really scraped off before lifting up your freezer paper to ensure all of your wording/picture comes off.

How to Print Using Freezer Paper

Fun DIY project right. Great to customize a cutting board like this that you could use as a gift or a project for a Boy or Girl scout troop too….just perfect it beforehand.

Inexpensive way to jazz up things and make them customized.

You can have a name printed or later I added flowers around The Typical Mom to embellish it…..use your creativity. ????

As for materials I found it harder to do this on cotton, seems to run a bit. I

would use something a bit stiffer. Customizing a plain table runner or piece of material that you later turn into or recover a pillow that isn’t a cotton t-shirt like material works best.

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