Learn To Hand Letter: 20 Fantastic Resources For Beginners

Gallery Of Learn To Hand Letter: 20 Fantastic Resources For Beginners

Learn To Hand Letter: 20 Fantastic Resources For Beginners

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Learn To Hand Letter: 20 Fantastic Resources For Beginners

Attention Budding Hand Lettering Wannabe! Learn to hand letter today… what is stopping you? Do you look at hand lettering or calligraphy and just turn green with envy? Wishing that you could be THAT good at something?

I get it, I’m the same. With practice… it IS possible. Let me tell you a little story…

Blinking constantly, trying to focus on anything but nothing was working. Intense pain seared through my shoulder and I blacked out.

Learn To Hand Letter: 20 Fantastic Resources For Beginners

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All I could do was groan. I was in agony and my brain was trying to catch up on what happened but the pain was so intense I couldn’t focus on a thought.

“What do I do? What do I do?!” was all I could hear.

My shoulder had dislocated during a seizure and my brain couldn’t deal with reality.

When I fell, I fell hard. The shoulder that I dislocated was on my left-hand side but I managed to damage some nerves in my neck in the process. Just a tiny amount of damage but enough for me to lose the grip in my right hand completely. All my hard work had gone to waste.

Learn To Hand Letter: 20 Fantastic Resources For Beginners

My hands still occasionally spasm but I managed to , retrain my and become a within a year thanks to using squeeze products , , and retaking some of the classes that I’ve listed in this post.

How to learn hand lettering with these INCREDIBLE Resources!!

After some practice, you’ll even be able to letter in snow or upright on mirrors or windows!

It has been specifically created for beginners.

> “You don’t have to be a graphic designer to pen the gorgeous hand-lettering that you see in logos, cards and even T-shirts! Designer Adam Vicarel uses a step-by-step approach to teach you how to create your own stunning designs using simple materials that you probably already have at home.”

Learn To Hand Letter: 20 Fantastic Resources For Beginners

I took this course on and honestly, I loved every minute of the class and I’ve actually taken it a couple of times now! I’m not a beginner but I like to learn different techniques from many hand lettering stars.

YOU can become incredible at hand lettering without having to be a designer thanks to this course. Adam takes you by the paw and walks you through the process.

Technically, you could take this $30 Course for $7.99 That’s a saving of $22!!! ==> Take this course for $7.99!±

You can save even more if you sign up to the platform before March 13th! Not only do you get access to your courses forever but you can save 50% on the first three months. It’s my absolute FAVOURITE platform because it is jam packed with creative and crafty classes.

You want to … I know that which is why I decided to do this huge resource post for you! Someone who wants a no muss no fuss hobby that requires but zero .

Learn To Hand Letter: 20 Fantastic Resources For Beginners

Maybe you want to learn so you can start your own hand lettering business, or learn calligraphy so you can create your own wedding invites, you could even start your own wedding invites business! Woo!

If you’ve ever suspected — like most great hand lettering stars I know — that the best way to get really good at hand lettering is to learn from other superstars, then practice and develop your own style… you now have proof it’s true. Because it’s exactly what I did.

2. Introduction to Hand Lettering from

Megan Wells is an amazing artist, letterer and calligrapher.

Alissa Burke was lucky enough to get Megan to share a few guest posts on her blog to help teach you how to hand letter.

Learn To Hand Letter: 20 Fantastic Resources For Beginners

Update April 2017:Megan now has an to buy and I LOVE IT. Teaching you how to letter and to colour pieces just she does.

How to learn hand lettering with Expert Advice

Paying for guides may not be your thing, I get it… who actually wants to spend their hard-earned cash?

I’d ask you to trust me on this, but honestly, I’d rather you decide for yourself…

With free guides and printables… I love downloading and bookmarking the links and I never get round to working with them. With a class that you pay for, there’s an extra incentive to do the work so you haven’t wasted your money. It’s how I like to view it!

Learn To Hand Letter: 20 Fantastic Resources For Beginners

It also means you don’t have to trawl through 20 different blog posts to get content you can get in online classes, not to mention you have ongoing support which is essential if you’re just starting out.

I’m always trying to improve and hone my skills.

It was thanks to my work from this class that I was contacted by the fabulous Jenny Doh and asked to contribute to a Lettering book; C! Look At Mah Skillz:

I loved this class because it was the most comprehensive beginner course I’ve ever taken.

Skillshare was the first place I ever bought a hand lettering class and I’ve taken about 5 27 Skillshare classes since then.

Learn To Hand Letter: 20 Fantastic Resources For Beginners

✅Reader Special:Skillshare is offering an EXCLUSIVE to YOU, my lovely reader.

I’ve registered with these classes and watched the videos. I haven’t done any of the practice work but the instructions are excellent and I can see how invaluable the tips are in this class. Definitely recommending it if you sign up to Skillshare.

==> If you you can get THREE MONTHS of Skillshare for FREE!

You can register for as many classes as you like and probably take about realistically take about 5 classes and be fully invested in three months month. That’s loads!

5. Hand Lettering For Beginners from

Learn To Hand Letter: 20 Fantastic Resources For Beginners

This post reiterates what has been outlined in the posts above, with a tiny picture guide on creating a finished piece of Lettering/typographic artwork.

6. How To Hold A Brush Pen from

This is a great post from High Pulp that teaches you the correct way to hold a brush pen, like one of these Tombow Brush Markers .

I mean what I said above; pick a style and master it before you move on to the next. It will make learning and life SO much easier.

7. Brush Lettering Tips and Practice by

Learn To Hand Letter: 20 Fantastic Resources For Beginners

This post is incredibly in-depth and well worth a read if you decide to go down the Brush Lettering route with plenty of video tutorials to help you along the way.

8. Get Better at Brush Lettering with

Ray Of Light Design has created an insanely in-depth post to help you master hand lettering. The infographic above is the tip of the iceberg!

The post is probably the best I’ve found that I haven’t paid for. Fo’ Reals.

9. The Easiest Way To Learn Hand Lettering:

Learn To Hand Letter: 20 Fantastic Resources For Beginners

By yours truly, using , the and the .

I love lettering and love to store all of my

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Wow, this post seems like it shares everything you could ever need to get started! Pinned.

That’s what I was hoping for. I LOVE lettering and I had to share my favourite resources ???? thank you so much for pinning!

Learn To Hand Letter: 20 Fantastic Resources For Beginners

What great resources for hand lettering! Something I’ve been wanting to learn to do. Pinning! Thanks for linking up with Funtastic Friday!

Thanks so much for the shoutout! I really appreciate it.

This post is fantastic, so many great resources here… totally pinning this! ????

Hey Raquelle, thanks for commenting and you are very welcome! Love your blog x

Hi there, thank you! The more practice that you can get in the better! x

Learn To Hand Letter: 20 Fantastic Resources For Beginners

I got here from a Pinterest post but I can’t find the download from the post

Hi Chelsea, thank you so much! Can you remember which pin got you here? Or which downloads you were looking for? There was an online course tracker with this post but I removed it because no one wanted it ???? x

Thanks for visiting! If you don’t know about Skillshare already you should have a look at their lettering classes x

Hi there! This article couldn’t be written any better!

Going through this article reminds me of my previous roommate!

Learn To Hand Letter: 20 Fantastic Resources For Beginners

He constantly kept talking about this. I most certainly will send this post to him.

Pretty sure he’s going to have a good read. I appreciate you for sharing!

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Learn To Hand Letter: 20 Fantastic Resources For Beginners

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