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What Every Christian Girl Needs in a Husband

I’ve been married for just a little over six months now. So far, marriage is the best adventure I’ve ever begun. However, that’s partly due to the fact that I’ve married an absolutely, incredible man. ???? And this week, my amazing hubby is turning 24.

Last year, in honor of Adam’s birthday, I wrote a special blog post for him which you can .

He loved it, and it was one of my favorite posts to write – for obvious reasons!

This year I want to share another post in honor of my husband.


I’ve been truly blessed, and sometimes I wonder why in the world God blessed me with such an incredible husband. I genuinely hope that each one of you can marry a godly, caring, and loving man just like I did. For that reason, I’ve taken some time to think about some of my husband’s shining character traits and how they me and our marriage for good.

For those of you who are single, I hope and pray that this list will encourage you to never settle for less than God’s best when it comes to a life-time mate. May this post inspire you to pray for your future husband …. and set high standards for any young man who wants to court/date and eventually marry you.

I didn’t just “get lucky” with a wonderful husband. It was God who brought us together. We sincerely prayed for God’s will and he led us to each other.

We didn’t get lucky as a couple, because God brought us together in his time.

When you choose to follow God’s plan for your life… wonderful things are going to happen!!

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