My Journey as a Mum with Jesus

Gallery Of My Journey as a Mum with Jesus

My Journey as a Mum with Jesus

I was a stay-at-home mum with two little boys, one just two-years-old, the other a few months.

I was living in Malaysia where most mums work.

I was lonely, finding it difficult to get along to church meetings, or at least if I did, not finding it easy to connect with God with my little ones around.

I felt far away from God, and felt terrible about it.

I went on a conference in Thailand, and met up with friends, mums like me living in other countries. I was amazed – nearly all of us were feeling the same way.

My Journey as a Mum with Jesus

He must have a way for all these mums, and presumably others like us, to be able to stay close to him, even with everything that comes with being a mum, and living in a foreign country.

I began to get excited. God began giving me ideas, and a heart to help other mums who were feeling like me.

I started to write these ideas down. They became an article called Mums with Jesus which I sent out as an email attachment to friends.

These ideas were not just for other mums – they were for me! As I began to put some of them into practice, something fresh happened inside of me – I began touching God’s presence again.

In the year 2003, three years on, I wrote:

My Journey as a Mum with Jesus

I still don’t have long quiet times, I haven’t kept up with all the , and I’m not much involved in church. I can struggle for months at a time to open my Bible and know what to read .

BUT, having said all that, something has changed inside of me. I am quietly conscious of God’s presence always with me, and know that it is that relationship with Jesus that is the most important thing.

The spiritual highs and buzzes are great when they come, and I look forward to those days again, but Jesus is the most important thing. And He is always there.

I am living in a different country…again!

I homeschool and have three of my kids home all day with me.

My Journey as a Mum with Jesus

I am part of a Turkish speaking church….and have virtually no opportunity to worship or fellowship corporately in English.

BUT over the years I have come to recognise God’s presence with me more and more in daily life.

I cannot look to church, to meetings, to others to sustain me….

I can only look to Jesus….and I know that’s how it should be.

I am so grateful to God for what he deposited in my heart all those years ago, and, as I blog about it, am freshly challenged to implement some of these things in my life again.

My Journey as a Mum with Jesus

I know him in my day-to-day life maybe more than ever, but there’s always more to hunger for!

It really is possible to be intimate with him in the busyness of being a mum.

Are you hungry for more of God in your day-to-day life? Do you find it difficult to have time with God? Are you weary and needing help?

If so, I’ve written an email series just for you: .

Give it a go! I promise that you will experience a fresh touch of God as you commit to meet with him.

My Journey as a Mum with Jesus

I’d offer a money back guarantee, but it’s free anyway! You’ve got nothing to lose ????


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And, if you are feeling spiritually dry and isolated, you might also like to read my experience of God’s faithfulness in dry tough times:

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My Journey as a Mum with Jesus

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My Journey as a Mum with Jesus

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My Journey as a Mum with Jesus

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My Journey as a Mum with Jesus

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