No-Knead Cranberry Honey Walnut Artisan Bread

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No-Knead Cranberry Honey Walnut Artisan Bread

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No-Knead Cranberry Honey Walnut Artisan Bread

This No-Knead Cranberry Honey Walnut Artisan Bread is a delicious sweet bakery-style bread that’s perfect for the holidays! Make it perfect with my easy pro tips for homemade bakery-style bread!


If you’ve been following for awhile now you’ll already know how obsessed I am with no knead artisan-style bread recipes! Way back when I first started my blog I shared this recipe with you and it’s a recipe I’ve made more than a hundred times I’m sure, with countless flavour variations. My favourite variation yet is this No-Knead Cranberry Honey Walnut Artisan Bread! It’s delicious for breakfast or with a cup of tea in the afternoon, and it is a simply gorgeous loaf of bread that everyone will love, especially for the holidays! And with my pro tips, you’ll be able to make it too!

No-Knead Cranberry Honey Walnut Artisan Bread

Pro tip#1: Pre-heat your Dutch Oven pot before baking. This bread is baked in an oven-safe Dutch Oven pot which traps in steam, making the crust of the loaf extra crispy. Pre-heating the pot before baking helps make the crust even more crispy and golden brown!

If you’re looking for a great Dutch Oven pot for making bread recipes like this No-Knead Cranberry Honey Walnut Artisan Bread, I will tell you that it’s one of the best investments you can ever make for your kitchen. Mine is a total beauty from and I use it almost ever day throughout the year for soups, stews, sauces, curries, and of course for baking bread (). A pot like this one is definitely a financial investment, but considering how much I use mine and considering its high quality, it’s definitely a worthy investment since it will last for 10, 20 or even more years. I’ve also used similar cast iron pots from other brands, like and if you’re looking for something a little less expensive but still high quality that’ll do the job well.

Pro Tip #2: Shape your loaf firmly but gently and dust the top of the loaf with flour. Creating a round shape will help the loaf bake evenly and dusting the top with flour will create that gorgeous, bakery-style appearance that everyone loves!

Pro Tip #3: Let the No-Knead Cranberry Honey Walnut Artisan Bread loaf cool completely before cutting into it!! Resist the urge to slice the bread while it’s hot. Did you know that after removing a loaf of bread from the oven it continues to bake inside as it cools?? Slicing into this gorgeous loaf too early will cause the inside of the loaf to be under-cooked and gummy. Letting the loaf cool completely before slicing ensures the perfect fluffy texture when you slice into it!


No-Knead Cranberry Honey Walnut Artisan Bread

I hope you love this No-Knead Cranberry Honey Walnut Artisan Bread recipe as much as we do! Let me know in the comments below, what’s your favourite bakery-style bread to make at home? I’d love to know!

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No-Knead Cranberry Honey Walnut Artisan Bread

This No-Knead Cranberry Honey Walnut Artisan Bread is a delicious sweet bakery-style bread that's perfect for the holidays! Make it perfect with my easy pro tips for homemade bakery-style bread!

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No-Knead Cranberry Honey Walnut Artisan Bread

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- 3 cups all purpose flour, plus 3 tablespoons

- 1 1/2 cups water at room temperature

- 1/4 cup liquid honey, plus more for brushing on after baking

No-Knead Cranberry Honey Walnut Artisan Bread

- Start with a large bowl and a wooden spoon, and add your flour to the bowl. Measure the yeast and add it to one side of the bowl. Measure the salt and add it to the other side.

- Using a wooden spoon, stir the yeast into the flour on its side of the bowl first and then stir the salt into the flour on its side of the bowl. This will prevent the salt mixing directly with the yeast. Give the whole mixture a few good stirs to make sure everything is combined.

Add the cranberries and walnuts to the flour mixture and toss well to coat, and to make sure they're distributed evenly throughout.

Measure the water. Make sure the water is at room temperature; water that is too warm or too cold can kill the yeast and prevent the bread from rising at all. Add the honey to the water and stir with a fork to combine.

Pour the water in and stir with a wooden spoon. The dough will be rough and a bit sticky, but that's normal.

No-Knead Cranberry Honey Walnut Artisan Bread

- Stir until all the flour is combined. This is not normal bread dough , so you don't need to be too concerned about the appearance of the dough at this point. Just make sure the ingredients are combined well.

- Cover the bowl with plastic wrap. It's a good idea to ensure there's adequate space left in the bowl for the dough to at least double in size. Place the bowl in a warm, draft-free place and let it rise for 12-18 hours.

- After the dough has risen for 12-18 hours, preheat oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Place your Dutch oven with the lid on in the cold oven and let it heat up with the oven.

- Place a piece of parchment paper on the counter and dust it with flour. Rub flour on your hands and scrape the dough away from the sides of the bowl, gathering it in your hands as best you can and forming it into a circular loaf on the parchment paper. Don't worry if it still looks a little rough in places. This lends to the rustic look of this loaf.

- Once you have it shaped, the dough needs to undergo a second rise . The goal is to handle the dough as little as possible at this stage because any amount of tugging at the rough can cause it to deflate after it has undergone its second rise. The next few steps will help prevent this. But don't worry if it deflates a bit. This bread dough is pretty forgiving.

No-Knead Cranberry Honey Walnut Artisan Bread

- Sprinkle flour over the top of the loaf and loosely cover it with plastic wrap to prevent a skin from forming over the dough. The flour also prevents the plastic wrap from sticking to the dough so when you take it off at the end of the rise, it doesn't disturb the dough and wreck the rustic shape you've created. Let the dough rise for about 45 minutes. Your oven will also be preheating during this time .

- Once 45 minutes have passed remove the plastic wrap from the dough and trim the parchment paper into a circle closely around the dough. If it doesn't look like the dough has risen that much, don't worry about it. The loaf will puff up a bit when it hits the heat of the oven.

- Remove the preheated pot from the oven and transfer the dough into the pot as carefully as possible by handling only the parchment paper. Place the lid on the pot and return it to the oven for 30 minutes. Don't open the oven during this time, and certainly don't take the lid off the pot; the crispness of the crust develops because of the steam that builds up in the pot during this 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes have passed, remove the lid from the pot and continue baking for another 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes have passed, remove the pot with bread from the oven and place it on a wire rack to cool. You'll probably hear it crackling as it cools - this is normal. Brush a little extra honey on the top of the bread now, if desired.

- If you can, resist the urge to cut into the bread until it has pretty much cooled completely. The bread continues to bake on the inside even after it has been removed from the oven and cutting it too early could result in the inside becoming gummy or rubbery.

No-Knead Cranberry Honey Walnut Artisan Bread

No-Knead Cranberry Honey Walnut Artisan Bread

Calories 399 Calories from Fat 63

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

This looks fantastic and so perfect for the holiday! Thanks for all of your tips to getting this done right.

What a delicious flavor combination! The hardest part looks to be having the patience not to cut into right as it comes out! A true test of wills, haha!

No-Knead Cranberry Honey Walnut Artisan Bread

This is one gorgeous loaf! I need to make it soon!

This sounds very yummy! In my family we eat bread a lot so it’s nice to bring some variety to the table

This is a gorgeous loaf of artisan bread! Thanks for sharing your tips!

I love everything about this! So much flavor packed into each bite, absolutely a must try!

I made this bread yesterday and I can say it is really, really tasty. And so easy to make. Will definitely be making this one again. Thank you for sharing yet another delicious recipe. I can hardly wait to have a slice of this bread toasted this morning for breakfast. ????

No-Knead Cranberry Honey Walnut Artisan Bread

It’s SO great toasted in the morning ???? Glad you loved it!

This looks so tasty! I want it so bad!

Beautiful cranberry walnut honey artisan bread. I have been looking for this perfect easy recipe for a while. I had use the Italian lady recipe, but crust is not crispy and lots of work like proofing first. Yours looks so easy. Only thing I have to get a Dutch oven. King Arthur Flour has one on sale on Black Friday . Out of stock now, but will be available December 3. Hope I can get one for same sale price.

I looked all over your recipe, no mention of SIZE of the Dutch oven. Did I miss it! What size does your bread fit in?

I use a large 5-quart dutch oven for this recipe. I hope you can get one – they’re GREAT to have! ????

No-Knead Cranberry Honey Walnut Artisan Bread

I was wondering which 5 quart Dutch oven brand you used for this recipe?

Mine is from Le Creuset, so it’s a very heavy cast iron. It’s the best I’ve ever used and totally worth the price since I use it almost daily!

Could I use fresh cranberries for this recipe?

Yes, although I’d recommend slicing them in half or using a few less.They add moisture which can affect the consistency of the dough more than dried cranberries.

I am trying to reduce my sugar intake. Have you ever tried it with 1 3/4 C plain water? Thank you.

No-Knead Cranberry Honey Walnut Artisan Bread

Yes, using 1 3/4 cups water in place of the honey is just fine. The honey is for flavour ????

is it possible to use regular yeast instead of instant yeast?

I’ve been wanting to bake in the fall and winter months. I am making a sourdough starter then saw your no knead bread. Just made the cranberry bread and found it fit my lifestyle well. With arthritis I did not want to knead, even though it’s a much loved practice. Winter is time to rest. My bread came out beautifully tastes wonderful and a great gift idea.

Thank you for making it easier to bake again.

I’m so glad you liked the recipe!! Thanks!

No-Knead Cranberry Honey Walnut Artisan Bread

Does it really have to rise for 12-18 hours or is that minutes??

It is 12-18 hours! It’s a slow rise, which is what develops the delicious flavour and texture ????

It wasn’t quite clear whether the pan needed to be greased or if the parchment paper was to be placed in the preheated pan …. I’m afraid I didn’t do either, so I’m worried my bread may stick to the pan ???? too late now, it’s in the oven baking .

The bread shouldn’t stick, even without the parchment. I almost always use the parchment anyway ????

This looked so good and easy! I used a 5-qt Lodge dutch oven, oven set at 425 rather than 450, and the bottom of the loaf burned black. Any suggestions?

No-Knead Cranberry Honey Walnut Artisan Bread

That has NEVER happened to me or anyone else I know of, and I’ve made this recipe and others like it many, many times. My guess is your oven has a hot spot or possibly uses a bottom element only. Try turning on the convection setting, if you have it, or moving up the oven rack. An oven thermometer might help too, so you can see exactly how hot your oven actually is. Good luck!

This happened to me too. When I took the lid off at 30 minutes, the bread looked perfect. I set the timer for another 15 and when I went to take it out, it was dark on top. But that didn’t compare to the bottom which was black. ???? The bread was delicious, but we had to cut off the bottom which was unfortunate. I am almost positive that my oven temp is correct. I’ve never had any other issues with it and a thermometer always says it is. I have a gas oven and it does not have a convection setting. My guess would be that it’s my pot. I have an enameled cast iron dutch oven, but it’s a cheaper $40 one from Target. It’s very heavy, but my thought is that maybe it isn’t as thick on the bottom as a Le Creuset. Knowing that, do you think it would be better to cook it at a lower temperature, or for less time? I didn’t know if it would be fully cooked inside if I had taken it out at 30 minutes. It was so yummy, I’d love to try it again.

I’ve made this bread in a cheap turkey roaster once when I was in someone else’s kitchen and that’s all I had, and it still didn’t burn on the bottom. However I did use the convection setting on the oven, and I do on mine too . Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with gas ovens, which may be the issue. You could try turning down the temperature slightly and baking it higher in your oven. Or try your turkey roaster like I did!

The bottom of mine turned black, also! I made it yesterday. I made a jalapeno cheese bread a few days ago. It had the same directions and it was perfect. I”m not sure what went wrong with this one. Same oven temperature, same timing. The bread was good after cutting off the bottom. A couple of spots on the top were black, as well. I want to try this one again, but I’m not sure how to make adjustments so it doesn’t burn again.

I had an issue with the loaf spreading out on the second rise and baking, resulting in a much more flat and dry loaf. Any suggestions?

No-Knead Cranberry Honey Walnut Artisan Bread

This is likely because your dough was too wet. I’d suggest adding a little more flour next time – sometimes if our measurements are just a little off it makes a big difference.

Just buy a Lodge 8 inch cast iron trivet. Put in bottom of Dutch oven when you preheat. Insert your dough on the parchment paper. No more overbrowning or burn. Has nothing to do with hot spots, etc.

I’m salivating at the sight of this bread. Is there any way to make it more keto-friendly? I sure hope so, I can’t wait to try it!

We are so happy with this recipe. It turned out beautifully. We enjoyed a slice this morning for breakfast and fighting the urge for a second piece. This recipe is a keeper!

I prepped this yesterday for Christmas morning today. It is gorgeous. My house smells wonderful! And I wish I could post a picture of how wonderful it looks. Thanks for this recipe. It’s my first ever Dutch oven bread. I’m super pleased!

No-Knead Cranberry Honey Walnut Artisan Bread

In step 4 it says to mix water into flour – then in next step it says to mix honey with water, but doesn’t say what to do with it, I’m robably not reading correctly, but can you clarify please?

Mix the honey and water together and then add them to the flour mixture ????

Could I use whole wheat flour instead of AP and if yes, would the amount change?

I’ve never made this recipe with entirely whole wheat, however I have made it with half all purpose flour and half whole wheat flour and it worked beautifully. It might be too heavy and dense made from entirely whole wheat flour, but it’s worth a try!

It stores well for a few days, but it’s really great made into toast the days after ????

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