Pine Cone DIY Kissing Ball

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Pine Cone DIY Kissing Ball

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Hey friends! Adrianne here with you today, and I’m about to say something that might shock you… I am not a wreath person. They’re lovely on the front doors of my friends and neighbors, but I’m just not into them. I know, I know – I’m in the minority! What I love instead of wreaths are smaller winter decor pieces – like the kissing ball. You can find kissing balls all over the place this time of year and today I’m going to show you how you can make your own pine cone DIY kissing ball.

This DIY kissing ball is beautiful all winter , but I especially love having a kissing ball as part of my New Year decor. When the ball drops, you can stand by the DIY kissing ball, and smooch your sweetie.

Supplies needed to make your own pine cone DIY kissing ball:

First, cut a length of ribbon 3-4 feet long. Double it in half, and at the loop end, tie an overhand knot to create your hanging loop. I like a long ganging loop, personally – I usually make my knot at 8 inches, but you can adjust this to suit your space. Then, tie the long ends around the ball and knot them securely at the bottom. You may wish to add some hot glue or even a sewing pin to hold your ribbon in place while you work.

Pine Cone DIY Kissing Ball

Now, begin gluing on your pine cones. You may find as you work that they leave some gaps, or don’t fit snugly against each other. This is okay! We will be filling in the gaps in the next step.

Tip: the larger the foam ball you use, the easier it will be to fit pine cones together BUT the more area you will need to cover – which means you may need more or fewer pine cones than one pound if you are using a foam ball that’s a different size than 6 inches.

When your ball is covered with pine cones, clip your greenery and berry picks apart with wire cutters. Fill the gaps in first with your greenery, angling the picks mainly toward the sides and bottom .

Finally, add in the berry picks. All of the pick wires should push right into the foam, but for extra security you can always add a dab of glue when you place it. Because the berries are smaller, I typically fill them into every gap I can .

When you’ve filled all the gaps, then your DIY kissing ball is ready to hang! I tied a loose bow at the bottom of my kissing ball, but go with what you like the looks of best. I’ve seen many versions where the ribbons just dangle.

Pine Cone DIY Kissing Ball

This same process works for any style DIY kissing ball you want to create. Use glittered pine cones for some extra sparkle during the winter, or use rosettes and leaves in the spring! Just because I opted for a classic look doesn’t mean you can’t make your style all your own!

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Hope you enjoyed this project and I wish you all the best in the new year!

Adrianne is a writer, artist, designer, wife, and mom of 2 kids. She blogs at where the theme is tutorials and recipes that can be made in an hour or less. Her favorite projects are jewelry-making, paper crafts, and recycled crafts. She participates annually in ArtPrize, an international art competition, and she’s the author of the book DIY T-Shirt Crafts: 50 Ways to Recycle a T-Shirt .

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Pine Cone DIY Kissing Ball

I can’t figure out what size the pine cones are

Sarah {Crafts Unleashed Editor} says

Jodi – you can use any size pine cones.

Do you put the pinecone all the way around the foam ball? Was thinking it looks kind of flat against the wall…thank you…

Sarah {Crafts Unleashed Editor} says

Pine Cone DIY Kissing Ball

You can place the pine cones however you’d like.

Made mine with red ribbon and red picks i already had as i couldn’t find brown picks at Joann Fabrics or Michaels. I love the brown one. Michael’s had a 70% sale on floral so they didn’t have much to choose by the time i went there. Next christmas i’m doing 2 in blue to hang from window curtains. Was trying to figure out how to hang them at my windows when i found i had 2 long steel rods that was perfect for hanging across the curtain rods. I have been thinking for years for a way to dress up the windows at Christmas time now i have kissing balls to match the curtains. Now i’m going to have to find more pine cones for next year.

I am a little confused….where does the burlap go? In the photo you have a roll of burlap but I don’t understand where it goes. I have read the directions and looked at the photos and I am missing something. Please help me

Sarah {Crafts Unleashed Editor} says

Andy, the burlap was originally photographed in the supply photo but ended up not getting used in the finished project.

Pine Cone DIY Kissing Ball

Just gorgeous, I picked up my supplies last night!! I can’t wait!!!! I found that frosted tipped pine cones were difficult to find, so I upcycled a pine cone garland that shopko had on clearance .

You can always take your pine cones and dip them in white paint. I have a big basket of cones on my fireplace in the family room with cones and berries and they look great and very natural for the holidays and even for winter.

I tried this. Mine wasn’t quite like this one when I finished, but I still love it! Where did you get all the pine cones in the same size? I just picked mine from the yard and painted them

I don’t quite understand the instructions for the hanging ribbon. I’ve fiddled with it but can’t get it as you’ve pictured it. Are you able to share any additional hints or photos? Thanks!

darling, thank you so much for sharing

Pine Cone DIY Kissing Ball

I’m not finding brown berry picks, where did you find them

Sarah {Crafts Unleashed Editor} says

Click the colored supply list links to purchase products used.

Thanks for this post. Just made mine the other day and love it!

Love this idea for yr around use…thanks

Pine Cone DIY Kissing Ball

Love, love, love it!!!! Thanks so much!

I, too, love kissing balls and I LOVE this one! It’s beautiful. Great job!

So beautiful!!! I love kissing balls but they are always so expensive. Now I can finally have one. Love it. Thank you for sharing. Lisa

Sarah {Crafts Unleashed Editor} says

It was pictured in the supply photo but was not used in the project.

Pine Cone DIY Kissing Ball

Where can I purchase the pine cones.

excelente adorno me guato muchisimo voy a elaborar uno.

I made this years ago and used scented pine cones. I agree that when I read the directions the roll of burlap was confusing! You should have taken that out of pic or say you didn’t use it for crafters doing this for first time.

DIY Tip: the larger the foam ball you use, the easier it will be to fit pine cones together BUT the …

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