Prize Winning Key Lime Pie Recipe

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Prize Winning Key Lime Pie Recipe

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Prize Winning Key Lime Pie Recipe

Guess what? I won a trip to the Florida Keys in the a few weeks ago! Pinch me! The competitors had to cook in 2 challenges and I won! I wanted to share my Prize Winning Key Lime Pie Recipe today and tell you a little bit about what went down!

24 Philadelphia-Area Influencers were invited to on Walnut Street in downtown Philadelphia for the 2nd Florida Key’s Cook-Off. The first was held in 2015 in Montreal.

I was thrilled to be invited to cook! As a food blogger, when I make what I share here on Souffle Bombay, it’s just me alone, at home doing what I do. So imagine just how fun it was to get out with other foodies and have some fun in the kitchen. Even if I wasn’t the winner, I would have loved the whole experience!

Prize Winning Key Lime Pie Recipe

This was my first trip to a culinary school. I was super-impressed with in Philadelphia. From the many kitchens for the students to learn and work into the themed rooms for dinner service and the overall look and feel of the place. it is something special!

Chef Bobby Stokey was our host and one of the three judges. Chef Bobby did a couple of culinary demonstrations before we all got down to it. He showed us a couple of delicious Key West Style seafood dishes. So fresh and simple!

so he sure knows his way around a kitchen as well as the flavors of the Keys! I found it interesting that traditional Key Lime Pies down in the Keys are topped with meringue, like a lemon meringue pie. My husband loves Key Lime Pie and orders it out when he comes across it yet I never saw one in-person with meringue in the Philadelphia Area, it’s always whipped cream.

Going into the challenge we all knew we had to make a Key Lime Pie. Of alllll the things I have made in my life, a Key Lime Pie wasn’t one of them. So, a few days before I made two…just to see how it was. We each were allowed to bring a secret ingredient to make our Key Lime Pie. My first thought was tequila, so I made one in my test run with that. My second thought was sour cream.

I let my family and a couple friends blind test both pies and the result was down the middle! SO…the night of the competition, I brought both thinking, I would decide which to use in the moment. As luck would have it, the contestant right next to me in the kitchen I was assigned also brought tequila…aaah! So that made my choice easy…sour cream it was!

Prize Winning Key Lime Pie Recipe

Marissa from the Preston & Steve Morning show brought chocolate, Alex Holley from Fox News brought grits , my food blogger bestie, , brought Key Lime Liquor, another food blogger friend, brought Candied Pecans and on and on it went.

It was just like an episode of Masterchef or Top Chef, we all had to stand in our places…Ingredients were set up and Chef Bobby yelled Ready…Set…GO!!! And we were off! It was a little bit crazy! My Prize Winning Key Lime Pie Recipe came together quickly, so I decided to use leftover limes and make some candied lime peel…which I had actually thought about making at home as my secret ingredient but then thought…Nope, limes, sugar, and water will be there…if I have time I will make that there so I can bring something that won’t be.

While our pies chilled, we got down to our second challenge…the mystery ingredient from the Florida Keys which turned out to be beautiful Yellow Tail Snapper fillets. I had never worked with or eaten it before, however, I am pretty familiar with halibut, so I figured it was similar to cook with.

Ingredients were set out for us to choose from. Things like flour, Panko, mango, tomatoes, breadcrumbs, eggs, spices, herbs and much more. I saw coconut milk…and I saw many going for breading or flour as well as mango so I quickly decided to do something I thought no one would do. A curry sauce, similar to one of my favorite ways to prepare halibut…Take a look at my recipe for . I am not talking about using curry powder, instead, a curry defined as cooking down vegetables and herbs. So I grabbed tomatoes, ginger, onion, etc. I cooked them down and finished the sauce with coconut milk and seasonings. Whatever I could find in that kitchen to give it the flavors I was thinking of in my head, I grabbed. As far as the fish, I simply pan fried it with seasonings, then sat it atop the sauce I made.

Judges came around and tried each of our dishes as we raised our hands once complete . I was finished rather quickly. I just kept hearing Gordon Ramsay in my head. “Stick to one thing…do it well, taste, taste, taste” so that’s what I did. Each judge independently tasted and scored our entree as well as our pie.

Prize Winning Key Lime Pie Recipe

We went down to the gorgeous entertaining area of the culinary school, had cocktails and ah-mazing pastries prepared by the students of the school ! I had brought my mom and my sister to watch the festivities and enjoy the night although I barely saw them since ya know…I was cooking away, lol! I am a sweaty wreck in the video. Those kitchens were HOT!

Imagine my surprise when the called out the top pie….then the top entree . Then suddenly they called out the overall winner…The winner of the title “Honorary Florida Key’s Chef”…The winner of the week-long trip to the Florida Keys …And …it… was… MEEEEE!!!

I was like OMGosh and walked up to the balcony where Chef Bobby, Pat Croce, and others were waiting to congratulate me.

And I gave Chef Bobby a BIG kiss!!! These pics were all shot on my phone or my sister’s phone in the moment, so they are a bit rough…Love how my sister got me through the glass in the kitchen with my game face on!!

I can’t wait to visit the Florida Keys and share my adventure there with you all!

Prize Winning Key Lime Pie Recipe

In the meantime…Make my Prize Winning Key Lime Pie Recipe…You will NOT be disappointed!! It is light, crisp, cold and delicious. PLUS you really don’t have to use eggs if you don’t want to…all the eggs does is give the pie a richer color. I have made it both with and without eggs and honestly can’t tell the difference. So if someone has an allergy, skip that.

You are going to love this Prize Winning Key Lime Pie Recipe!! Bring it to BBQ’s and graduations . Make it for Mother’s Day, a new neighbor, someone who needs a smile put on their face…or make it just for you and eat the whole thing!! Report back and tell me what you think!!

The key to making this Key Lime Pie is to allow it to cool down, then place it in your fridge and allow it to chill at least 3 hours . Don’t put whipped cream on until shortly before serving for best/prettiest results. Either don’t cover the pie or have it in a domed container…wrap will stick to it and mess it up.

If you do make this…Tag me on social and let me see it ???? Simply tag @SouffleBombay on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Prize Winning Key Lime Pie Recipe

Prize Winning Key Lime Pie Recipe

- 1½ - 2 cups of graham cracker crumbs*

- 3 cups sweetened condensed milk

- ¾ cup key lime juice since I rarely see key limes)

- Pulse graham crackers in your food processor until they become crumbs .

- Add in sugar butter and pulse until combined.

Prize Winning Key Lime Pie Recipe

- Press crumbs onto your pie plate, across the bottom and up the sides.

- Bake for 6-8 minutes or until golden brown.

- Allow crust to cool completely.

- Combine all ingredients in your mixing bowl and allow them to beat on med-high for 2 minutes.

- Scrape filling into your prepared pie crust)

Prize Winning Key Lime Pie Recipe

- Bake for 15-20 minutes or until filling only wiggles a bit in the center when you gently shake the pan back & forth a bit.

- Cool on your counter for at least 30 minutes, then place in the fridge for at least 3 hours.

- In your mixing bowl, whip the cream on high until stiff peaks begin to form.

- Add in vanilla and powdered sugar and whip until firm whipped cream happens.

- Scrape into a pastry bag fitted with a decorative tip and when ready .

Prize Winning Key Lime Pie Recipe

When pulling the pie from the oven...don't put your thumb in the pie...Trust me, I have done this more than once with pies! You may want to bake it on a baking sheet...Just in case.

Keep your whipped cream chilled until ready to use.

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Congratulations!!! And now I want a massive slice of that delicious pie! ????

This sucks go to key west and figure out what a great key lime pie is

Prize Winning Key Lime Pie Recipe

I’ve made this recipe a few times now and everyone has loved it, used bottled lime juice. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

I seriously LOVE Key Lime Pie! This looks delicious!

This looks incredible! I’m drooling! Congratulations!

Key lime pie is one of my favorite desserts. I love this version so much!

Congrats on winning the competition. And I can totally see why, because that looks like a mighty fine key lime pie!

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