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Rebecca’s Snug

Snug A cosy snug painted in Farrow and Ball Downpipe with mustard vintage chair and alcove shelving

Can you believe it’s Wednesday already? Bank holiday will do that you though. Today we’re back with for a tour of her elegant snug which will have you reaching for a tin of Down Pipe.

When we bought the house this room was a formal dining room with swirly funky red carpet and gold yellow wallpaper. We filled it with boxes and furniture for a whole eighteen months whilst we did up the rest of the house, a poor neglected room sitting off the hallway. But then once the kitchen was finished and we found homes for all the stuff we’d piled high in there we finally set about giving this room the makeover she deserved. We had plans originally for a dining room but then thought who are we kidding? We’re never going to be formal dining room people, with a table in our kitchen, so then the snug idea came about. A space for all the books we had in boxes – a library type feel and finally a space for all the paperwork my husband has scattered around the house. {What is with men and post/paperwork?!} Our house is very light and neutral so I knew we could get away with a bold colour in here. We’d used on our utility cupboards and kitchen island, I’m a bit obsessed with it actually so that formed the start of the room. I think that Down Pipe offsets colour so well against it, especially mustard so we found a wingback mustard chair from eBay and have just ordered a sofabed in a turmeric shade for the back wall so that guests can use it as an extra bedroom. The grey and mustard cushion is from Matalan.

A dark and cosy snug painted in Farrow and Ball Down Pipe

Column radiator, shutters, botanical print and antique mustard chair

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