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Rocket Craft and Experiment

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We’re carrying on with our Space Themed Week for and today we have a treat the author of the children’s book is creating the activity for us. The book, a science activity book for kids focuses on Space, Solar System, and Rockets and is ideal for kids from preschool up. It’s full of fun and simple experiments for the kids to do and they will have so much fun doing it that they won’t even learning. This Rocket Craft and Experiment is one of the ideas in the book.

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Rocket Craft and Experiment

Storybook Summer Featured Book This is Rocket Science

We have included links to the books and products you need to create this craft and experiment. If you buy via the link we may earn a small commission.

contains 70 exciting and hands-on activities designed to help children understand how a rocket is able to blast off into space, how astronauts cope with some of the difficulties of living in space and also takes you on a tour of the solar system learning about the incredible distances involved and features of each planet. My children and I had a fantastic time creating the activities in the book, so I hope you love them as much as we do.

This squeezy bottle rocket activity is taken from the Tricky Trajectory chapter of This Is Rocket Science. Did you know that after the initial vertical path upwards rockets turn so they are on the correct path to enter orbit around the Earth. This means their overall trajectory is a curved path, not the vertical path you might have expected.

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Rocket Craft and Experiment

Rocket Craft and Experiment – Squeezy Bottle Rocket

These easy to build rockets are perfect for investigating how the angle a rocket is launched from affects its flight.

When you squeeze the bottle air is forced out of the straw in the bottle and pushes against the rocket straw . The force of air on the rocket straw makes it fly through the air.

Materials need for your Rocket Investigation

- Empty Squeezy water bottles with a sports cap

Rocket Craft and Experiment

- Straws – one wider than another

Instructions on making your Rocket Launder to Investigate How Rocket’s Blast Off Into Space

Lift up the sports cap of your bottle and push in half of your thinner straw. Seal around the straw and sports cap with blu tack or plasticine.

Squeeze the bottle and make sure air is coming out of the top of the straw ONLY, not from the sides.

Draw and cut out a cardboard or paper rocket.

Rocket Craft and Experiment

Seal one end of your wider straw using sellotape. This straw must fit over the top of your thinner straw. Blow down the straw and make sure no air can escape from the top.

Attach your card or paper rocket onto one side of the straw with double sided tape.

Place the rocket onto your bottle launcher and squeeze the bottle hard. Your straw rocket should shoot into the air.

Extending your Activity Further

Try launching your rocket at different angles and measure how far it travels each time. Remember to try to use the same squeezing force for each launch to make your investigation a fair test.

Rocket Craft and Experiment

Try adding extra weight to the straw rocket by adding a small amount of plasticine or a paperclip to the end. What do you think will happen?

You should find that your straw rocket flies farther if you launch at an angle rather than straight up. This is because of gravity and the forward force created by the rocket launcher act together to create a curved flight path.

Emma is a busy mum to four children and creator of , a website full of easy, hands-on and exciting science activities and investigations.

When she’s not blogging Emma is usually driving her children to gymnastics or swimming!

You can find Emma over on and .

Rocket Craft and Experiment

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