The best tips to grow your Instagram in 2019

Gallery Of The best tips to grow your Instagram in 2019

The best tips to grow your Instagram in 2019

The best tips to grow your Instagram in 2019

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Does Instagram still work in 2019? How do you get the sales that everyone desires from Instagram? All we can hear now is the importance of presence on social media, but this space may feel very overcrowded and impossible to shine through.

Yes, it does feel that way, only 8 months ago I would have agreed with you on this opinion, but I have to be honest, Instagram still works. Like really really well!

I grew this account from 0 to almost 13.7k Instagram followers in less than 8 months organically, 0 ad spent. So is it still possible in 2019? Definitely!

The best tips to grow your Instagram in 2019

I was in the same place a year ago as when you are probably reading this article. I was trying to “hack” Instagram algorithm. And I did ???? It was August 2018 when I have received on my first post over 1k likes.

I was like wow! I am actually on to something. Now I understand what kind of content to produce and share as I get posts that go viral every few days. Although, when I was just starting everything out, all I could hear about that Instagram changes it algorithms, it impossible to grow etc.

Do not believe that. It is all just a matter of sharing the right content, hashtags, consistency, time and patience. So glad that I gave it a shot.

Advice that I give, I have not read it anywhere and all of the strategies are my own)

So let’s dive into the best practices for the 2019 that I currently use for my business:

The best tips to grow your Instagram in 2019

That is exactly how you get most discoveries, saves, likes and followers. Please do your proper research of hashtags before posting every single picture. There is a significant performance difference between posts that are with or without hashtags. Later on you will identify the set of hashtags that you can just copy and paste as you will identify what will perform the best for you.

You can look for hashtags in , your competitors or the manual research. That all works. I personally use Tailwind. It is the most time efficient way for me to do it.

Just make sure that you are using some really popular hashtags, some not so popular and others medium popularity.

2. Post content that your target audience likes, not what you like

Yes I said that. Post “what you love” is not going to work. I am pretty sure if you look at your personal instagram account, you are posting what you “love”. How far did that get you? Hmmm…

The best tips to grow your Instagram in 2019

To be quite frank, people in general are very selfish. They are not going to follow or like your post if they themselves do not like the content that you post. So let’s put our likes and dislikes aside. As MJ Demarco said in his book “, that less selfish you are the results will follow.

I have to share with you my big secret. I do not like the posts that I share that are performing really well.

BUT… I love getting the results, the sales, and the customers. I finally found what worked for me. I love the value that I provide.

And to think about it that as a business owner, who pays your bills? Your customer. More happy customers = more sales = more successful the business will be

Some people might disagree with me. But Instagram is a business. Numbers game. Let yourself wild on your personal or private Instagram. Why do you follow people that you are following? Is it because they post what YOU like? Yes of course! Do you even care that the person who posted the picture was “loving” the post.

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