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The Body Shop Haul

I have been wanting to do a Body Shop Haul for a while now, but I’ve been waiting until I used up a few things from my collection already. As soon as my coconut body milk ran out, I was straight to my local store for a browse.

When I purchased this they had a deal on, of spend £20 and get a free goody bag. Let’s be honest; I wasn’t going to miss out on that.

I saw a blogger from the US talk about this a while ago. Which meant I was pretty gutted when this scent wasn’t included in the original launch the UK; I even mentioned it at the end of my . Long story short, I’ve had my eye on this for a while.

This is supposed to be a really lightweight moisturiser that absorbs quickly, leaving you feeling the benefits for 48 hours. I’ve had a little try of this. Not enough to start giving you a full review, but from what I can gather a little bit goes a long way. I dabbed my finger in the pot and got a small amount, and it spread very easily. Overall this seems like a great product for Summer, as it smells amazing and is extremely lightweight.

If I can, I like my shower gels to match the moisturiser I use, so that was the main thing for this purchase. This has the exact same foam banana sweet smell as the yogurt. I have however just realised that I’m going to be smelling like a banana from head to toe; with the hair care, body stuff and my …

The Body Shop Haul

Exfoliating Sugar Scrub | Mango

I love a good body scrub, but I find the cream scrubs to be too gentle from the body shop. This time I opted for the sugar one instead. I think they only do this scent and Shea butter in the Sugar Scrubs, for some unknown reason. I picked this one, as I love the fruity scent. It’s perfect for Summer, but if you don’t like intense fruity scents you will hate this. I’ve never tried anything from the Mango range before, but I adore the scent already.

I’ve tried quite a few of these gloves now, but I always come back the Body Shop ones. They last for a long time, and work really well. Online there doesn’t seem to be much of a colour choice, but there is in store. These are great, as I feel like I don’t need to use an exfoliator as often.

I’ve never actually owned anything in this scent, as Strawberry scented things usually aren’t my favourite. This is very sweet, and I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either, but that was to be expected. I’m expecting this to be a tad more drying than the shower cream, so it’ll be interesting to see how they compare.

Hello Banana product number three, in all fairness I didn’t pick this. I used to be in love with the banana hair care range, but after a while it kind of stopped doing anything. I’m unsure if that was due to build up; which it could have been. I’m hoping it was the buildup which was the issue, as I really did love this range. Plus I’m not going to smell like a whole banana with different hair care am I?

The Body Shop Haul

This shampoo contains no silicones and it’s aimed at normal – dry hair. I found that it really did well for nourishment, but after a couple of months of using it, my hair went back to being knotty and hard work.

Hand Cream | Almond Milk & Honey

This is one of the most gentle ranges the Body Shop do. It’s specially designed for sensitive skin and it smells fantastic. I can see this coming in handy in the winter. When the skin tends to be a lot drier, as it seems to be very intense so it might be a bit too much for the Summer. Overall I like the packaging, but I aren’t keen on the shape of the lid, as it hurts my hands when it comes to taking it off, as I tend to put it on too tight.

What’s your favourite scent range/ product from the Body Shop?

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The Body Shop Haul

I haven’t tried out anything new from the Body Shop in such a long time, I am going to have to place an order soon!

They have some really great products and the scents are always lovely! I hope you find something you like xx

I love a body shop haul! You got some great bits and the deal is so worth the money. The offers they do are always so good! I love the look of that mango sugar scrub! x

They have so many great products! Dropped onto a cracking bargain that day haha! Can’t wait to give it a use, it seems great xx

I absolutely love the body shop it always amazes me that they manage to get the scents of everything so perfect everytime

The Body Shop Haul

The scents are always fab aren’t they? The selection is great too xx

Great haul! I haven’t shopped at The Body Shop in awhile but I usually love their products. I’m so intrigued by the banana products because I’ve never used a body product that smelled like bananas before. Next time I’m in the store I’m going to have to give it a smell. My favorite scent from them is their rose products! I’ve used the body wash and body spray and it’s the perfect rose scent x

Thank you! This was my first order for a while, and fell in love with so many products haha! It’s a limited collection and it smells so good! Definitely worth popping into a store and giving it a smell. I’ve not looked into the Rose scent very much, but it seems lovely xx

Great haul. I need these hand cream and body scrub in my life.

Thank you! Yes, they both seem so good!xx

The Body Shop Haul

This is a great haul I love the body shop. I need to get my hands on the exfoliating gloves and body scrub!

Thank you so much! I swear by the exfoliating gloves, they’re so good, and looking forward to giving the scrub a try xx

I don’t really like banana scented products but for some reason that banana yogurt moisturizer sounds AMAZING! The packaging sort of reminds me of that Bum Bum cream everyone loves! Body Shop hand creams have to be one of my favourite Body shop products! xx

Do you not?! It’s worth popping to a store to give it a test before you buy! That’s true, it does like quite similar! Yes the hand creams are so good!xx

Great haul Hannah, going full out with the banana scents! The Body Shop packaging always looks so simple but lovely, I’m on the look out for some silicone / paraben / sulphate free shampoos and conditioners so will definitely be paying them a visit soon!

The Body Shop Haul

Thank you! Definitely loaded up on the banana scents haha! That’s true, they always get it spot on. The Body Shop have a nice selection, and I hope you manage to find something you like xx

Loved this post! They have so many gorgeous body products, can’t wait to try them! <3

Thank you! That’s true, they have so many fab scents to pick from xx

The new banana range is fab haha!xx

What a delicious haul here! I am a huge fan of body yoghurts; they are so perfect for summer! Not sticky at all, which is something I love. Great review here! xx

The Body Shop Haul

Thank you, glad you think so! They’re fab aren’t they?! Seem so perfect for Summer. Thank you xx

I’ve heard great things about the body yoghurts and the concept is interesting too, so definitely will be trying this! And that is one of the best goody bags I’ve seen xx Nikita

They’re fab, they work really well! It’s something a little different and it really works. It’s such a good deal isn’t it?!xx

I seriously need to try the new body shop body yogurts, they sound so incredible!

They have some really fab scents too, they’re definitely worth it xx

The Body Shop Haul

I haven’t been to the body shop in a while, but I’ve always loved their products and finish them completely.

They always have great products, but they seem to get overlooked a little! Thank you xx

I love the body shop You made me feel like going there and buying these amazing products. Love them xoxo Cris

They have so many great products! I hope you find some bits you like xx

I love The Body Shop, so much of my skincare is from there. The Almond Milk & Honey hand cream is one of my favourites! I’d like to try the Body Yoghurt and the Mango scrub! Great post!

The Body Shop Haul

They have so many great ranges. It smells amazing, and seems so gentle! I hope you manage to try them soon. Thank you!xx

I haven’t tried anything new from the Body Shop in a long time but these all sound amazing! Especially the banana yogurt and the mango scrub!

They definitely seem to get overlooked a little bit! The yogurts are really great, and I’ve been loving the scrub xx

Such a great deal, the goody bag has some many great things inside. The mango and strawberry scents are my favourite scent from the Body Shop Xx

It was definitely worth it, they have some great offers! The Mango one is one of my favourites now too, it’s so fruity xx

The Body Shop Haul

I love their cosmetics:) Recently, I also did shopping at The body shop: D Regards:*

The makeup is so good too! Glad you like them too xx

These are lovely items you got here. Products like this makes me want buy more and more. The goody bag looks amazing.

Thank you so much! It’s so easy to go overboard haha! It was an amazing deal xx

Great post , love the body shop and who can resist when they have offers ❤️

The Body Shop Haul

Thank you! They have some really great deals xx

Ah I so need to place a Body Shop haul, the new banana range sounds divine and the packaging is the cutest xx

They have some fab products! The packaging is always so pretty xx

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