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The Replay

Always Keep Your Sense Of Humor In Life!

Finally, you’ve made it! You’ve reached your goal, your spotlight, your point of relief. It’s been a long time coming, you think to yourself as you flashback to the beginning of all of this craziness. You walk through each high and low, climbing and climbing, working and working and here you are, filled with immense joy with watery joyful eyes springing leaks because you just can’t help but to get emotional. You have just replayed your journey, whatever it is that you’ve wished for, prayed for, and accomplished. Good Job!

- back : “he could stop the tape and replay it whenever he wished”

- 2.repeat : “she replayed in her mind every detail of the night before”

- 1.the playing again of a section of a recording, especially so as to be able to watch an incident more closely: “clouds can be studied in speeded-up replay“

The Replay

- occurrence that closely follows the pattern of a previous event: “a replay of last summer’s civil disturbance”

Replaying a sequence of events can be good and can be bad . It’s as if that period of your life which has made a major impact on you plays like a movie in your mind. You relive it as many times as your mind allows and needs. Whether its a good or a challenging event to replay over and over so vivid and fresh in your mind, it still has its benefits. It’s a chapter in your life that has made you who you are, it defines you in a way, building character throughout your journey.

To replay both good and bad memories allows us to work through our emotions. It is a learning tool to be able to look back and know what worked and what didn’t so we can either repeat things or not. The replay also reiterates that hardworking pays off. We all learn through living, but where most of our learning comes from are the hard times that made us cry, cringe, hurt, and plain-out exhausted us… and being able to remember those moments only makes us more grounded and grateful when we have a breakthrough.

Those who choose to continue fighting and never give up until they reach a successful level, in their own expectations, will strive in life. Those who replay an event and fall a victim will never be able to replay a full movie because they will be stuck on pause until they work through their emotions, and see life in an optimistic light as they continue to work for their goal.

I have had health problems, a couple of huge scares from liver failure to a cancer scare, all while trying to be a mom. Every six months I go in for routine check ups THIS time for my 6th Month check up it went very well…

The Replay

Each time I go to my 6 month appointments I don’t know what to expect. I go from appointment to appointment which takes all morning long, getting poked and prodded with examinations, then wait for my liver specialist to enter the room and talk numbers. Well this time my doctor said ‘Eloise, your numbers look great, so great in fact, that I think it’s time to take you off the reserved transplant list.‘ My immediate reaction was shock, a little fear with that ‘what if‘ syndrome… then followed by an overwhelming sense of joy, relief, and gratefulness. I replayed the whole decade of pain, exhaustion, crying spells, etc… to my fight of survival, to all of the times I worked so dang hard and never gave up. I replayed my kids visiting me for the first 6 months of my recovery and the wave of emotions we all felt. I had come so far from my worst moment to now. So this replay in my head is of the struggles I had to confront as well as holy crap I’ve made it… its a happy one!

It took almost 6 years to get off the last stage of the transplant list… I feel so grateful to have come thus far, it took everything I had to survive and become stronger than ever before . I can’t help but to feel emotional as I replay my life from 10 years ago, knowing I was dying and Drs not being able to pinpoint why, to my liver failing and getting an answer of ‘Wilson’s Disease’ to then becoming a miracle as I am the only Wilson’s patient to survive liver failure and not need a transplant. I’m still and forever will be called a miracle in the medical field… I am blessed!


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The Replay

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What an incredible story and I truly appreciate all your strength. Life isn’t easy, its a constant struggle but I so vehemently believe that they make us emerge out stronger and bolder. I wish you the best of health and a gift of happy life. You are such an inspiration to so many others struggling out there.

You are amazing! It is so important to stay positive and it is a lot easier said than done. Thank you for sharing your amazing story!

Thank you for sharing your personal story with us. You are very strong and I am grateful to read your post today. Whenever I go thru a challenge, I tend to replay the last challenge that I overcame to regain strength.

This is a really emotional post and I am happy to hear that you have made through it all! I personally don’t like to replay past events too much because there is nothing that can be changed. But at the same time we need to understand and learn from the past to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

The Replay

Love the shirt! And I couldn’t agree more, we just have to get back up again and stay positive. Good vibes only!

Replaying back memories can sometimes be good and bad. No one can control these replays. I like replays for they make me stronger now.

For me looking back is kind of a reminder of all things good and bad and helps me in keeping my gratitude exercise on track. Kudos to you for being such a strong and calm person after the journey that you’ve had.

I am so glad you are off the list. That’s great news! I tent to let go of the things that hurt me and replay them over and over.

Wow what a rollercoaster ride that must have been! I feel like I just went through it with you lol but you are so blessed to be where you are today. A huge congrats to you! I know this replay feeling all too well. In fact, I do it with literally EVERYTHING. Maybe it’s obsessive or I’m not sure, but I replay the good and the bad just to be sure I’m on the track I should be. Yes, it definitely drives me crazy at times lol.

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