The Ultimate Austin Bucket List

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The Ultimate Austin Bucket List

The Ultimate Austin Bucket List

Austin, Texas isn’t a place where you’ll hear someone say, “I’m SO BORED.” Nuh-uh. Whether rain or shine, winter or summer, splurge-worthy or free, there’s always something fun to do. And since Austin is one of America’s fastest-growing cities, this list will just keep expanding!

I’ve made this ULTIMATE bucket list for you to share with your friends and family! Yee-haw! I love me some Austin, TX!

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The Ultimate Austin Bucket List

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- Indulge in a BIG FAT DOUGHNUT at the trailer.

- Eat the breakfast taco of your DREAMS at . And then go back for lunch. And dinner.

- Getcha some queso at You just gotta do it.

The Ultimate Austin Bucket List

- Order those kimchi fries at . I love ’em so much that I had them served them at our !

- Lick an ice cream cone at . Mexican Vanilla is their most popular flavor – it tastes like cake batter.

- See if you can stay awake after indulging in all-you-can-eat buffet brunch. Good luck! #foodcoma

- If it’s summer, enjoy a creamy shaved ice at , Austin’s most iconic shaved ice truck.

- Treat yourself to a fancy dinner at , , , or . They’re all worth the splurge.

The Ultimate Austin Bucket List

- Eat AAALLL the breakfast tacos! A few of my favorites at , , , and . ! Click to read.


- Grab a flight at ….and all the other east 6th breweries.

- Drive out to for their famous farmhouse ale

- Sip on one of the best martinis known to humankind at .

The Ultimate Austin Bucket List

- Drink ALL the Texas craft beer at, a bar on Rainey Street that sports over 50 taps of craft beer made in Texas .

- Sneak into , Austin’s most-secretive speakeasy on dirty 6th. Just kidding, don’t sneak in….you’ve seriously got to make a reservation to get in there.

- Perch at the bar at the , Austin’s most iconic downtown hotel built in 1886.

- Take on the Manmosa at while you wait for brunch to arrive. It’s a full liter of champagne with a splash of OJ.

- Get your bartender to make you a custom cocktail at . They can come up with pretty much anything on the spot!

The Ultimate Austin Bucket List

- Try an avocado margarita at – they claim to be the original avocado margarita in Austin.

- Recover from all your drinking with a recovery punch at .


- And after that, walk over to the to get your Texas state history on.

- Wander through the . They even have every Wednesday and Friday morning!

The Ultimate Austin Bucket List

- Visit the , Austin’s children’s museum.

- Go to the and learn something new about the 36th president of the United States.

- Stop by , one of the coolest art galleries and stores on SoCo.

- Check out all the cool artifacts at the .


The Ultimate Austin Bucket List

- Skinny dip at , Austin “bathing-suits-optional” swimming hole…

- Jump into with 4,000 of your closest friends. It’s spring-fed and 68 degrees year round, which feels awesome in the summer!

- Rent a boat with , Austin’s top-rated boat rental! You can get a pontoon boat for a big group, or rent a ski boat if you’d like to zip around with water skis or a tube. Days on the lake + = good times, my friends!

- Grab a cup of coffee and go for a walk on the .

- Wade into the beach entrance at . Just like Barton Springs, it’s 68 degrees year round, but this one is typically a bit less crowded.

The Ultimate Austin Bucket List

- Drive out to …but make a reservation first!

- Take a guaranteed great picture at the top of .

- Spend an hour wandering around .

- Work your muscles at – perfect for a rainy day!

- Rent a kayak or a and get out on Lady Bird Lake. Super fun if you can time it at dusk to see the !

The Ultimate Austin Bucket List


- Listen to jazz music at the underground .

- Rock out at a show at the , one of the oldest clubs in south Austin .

- Come in March for for aaaaaaaall the music everywhere!

- Come in October for for aaaaaall the music at Zilker Park.

The Ultimate Austin Bucket List

- Jam out to some music under the stars at the historic .

- Grab your boots and two-step the night away at the legendary !


- Peruse the shops on South Congress. is a must!

- Wander the up-and-coming in downtown Austin.

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