Yet Another Look For My Husband’s Dresser

Gallery Of Yet Another Look For My Husband’s Dresser

Yet Another Look For My Husband’s Dresser

Yet Another Look For My Husband’s Dresser

Because nothing stays the same around here for too long, I changed up my husband’s dresser…AGAIN.

When we moved into our house almost 10 years ago, we bought a grown-up bedroom set and we were so excited.

Look at us! We’re like, REAL ADULTS, buying a whole matching set from a REAL furniture store…like, it has to get DELIVERED, not assembled or anything! No more mismatched hand-me-downs or bachelor pad stuff! We’re officially grown-ups now!

Fast Forward several years, and the whole matchy-matchy thing was the last thing I wanted. My tastes changed, and I wanted a more collected over time look for our bedroom – sooo exactly THE OPPOSITE of what we spent so much money on just a few years before.

Yet Another Look For My Husband’s Dresser

So back when I gave the bedroom the first makeover, I painted the dark espresso wood with a light grey paint.

I also spray painted the knobs white:

I decided, after a very short time, that this bedroom was way too girly for a bedroom that also belongs to my husband. And while he honestly did not care, I did. I tired of this look faster than any room before and we began makeover number 2. Besides, added fuel the fire – we had to get new nightstands because our new king bed didn’t allow for the big ones we had at the time. It was the perfect excuse to start a new look in here…as if I need one;)

It’s starting to take shape and I am THRILLED. Seriously, cannot wait for this one to be done so I can show you. It’s got shiplap and we’ve started installing – wait for it – NEW BIG BASEBOARDS! Wooooohooo! Not sure which of those two I’m more excited about. It’s amazing what a difference getting rid of skinny 1960s trim makes.

But let’s get back to the issue at hand: this dresser.

Yet Another Look For My Husband’s Dresser

I wanted to do something a little different again . You might remember the old big nightstands we used to have in here that I had to get rid of? If not, you can . I had sanded down just the drawers down to the natural wood and stained them with Minwax Special Walnut. I decided to go with that same look, and replace the white knobs with brushed nickel pulls. I also went a little darker on the grey, and used some of my Sherwin Williams Grizzle Grey leftover

I think this darker grey and wood combo, plus the pulls give it a masculine look, don’t you think?

As for what’s on top of the dresser, I’m still fiddling around with that – can’t decided if I love or hate what’s going on – so I’m assuming that will change before the reveal, but wanted to put something up there for this post;)

Speaking of that – the half windmill I have hanging on there is from Hobby Lobby and I have one of my readers to thank for it. I love that you guys know me so well and when you spot something you think I’d love, you share it with me! She posted on my page that HL now carried these and I had been wracking my brain trying to think of what to put on top of this dresser that would complement the bird cage shape thingy that’s on the other side of the window. This was PERFECT!!! So Lori, I can’t thank you enough! …

I think this is my favorite look so far for this dresser. My husband likes it too, which is nice, since it IS his and all;)

Yet Another Look For My Husband’s Dresser

Stay tuned for more bedroom makeover posts coming soon!

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Love it! Great idea how you left the drawers natural. We have a bedroom set that was handed down and I’ve been wanting to just paint the entire dresser/mirror white but now I’m thinking the wood drawers might be a nice contrast. btw, loved the shiplap comment – Thanks to you I’m totally hooked on Fixer Upper!

Thanks, Lynn! Glad you like it! ????

I decided a week ago that I am going to do this to my husbands chest of drawers too! Great minds….

Yet Another Look For My Husband’s Dresser

Hi, Liz! I love the whole thing…the dresser and the styling! Is that candle holder a recent purchase and if so, where from???

Thank you! Yes, just got it from Hobby Lobby.

I have a similar bedroom set from art van . How do I know there’s actual wood grain underneath? I’d hate to sand and it be….. I don’t know.

I don’t think there’s a way – I just had a hunch because this was an expensive set, I figured it had to be real wood;) I guess if you try and it’s not, you can always just paint it?

Love everything you did here. Can’t wait to see the whole room!!!

Yet Another Look For My Husband’s Dresser

Saw this on Pretty Project Party! This is absolutely stunning!

Absolutely stunning. One of the nicest dresser makeovers I’ve seen.

This is amazing! One of my favorite dresser makeovers ever!

This gorgeous!!! I am absolutely in LOVE with this dresser makeover ???? I’m going to try and do this to a set that I just recently bought at a resale shop and pray that it looks half as good as your’s. I do have a question for you though how do you make the grey look so clean and smooth? I’ve never painted furniture before but the set that I just got is painted and it’s AWFUL!!! Paint brush marks and very very thick. Im sanding it down nice and smooth but I want to make sure it doesn’t end up the way it looks now.

you don’t have to sand if you use chalk paint, and use a small foam roller or foam craft brushes to eliminate brush strokes.

Yet Another Look For My Husband’s Dresser

Beautiful! Question for you..did you paint the inside and sides of the drawers?

What type of paint did you use?

satin finish – Sherwin Williams Grizzle Grey

This is absolutely gorgeous! I love it! Did you poly over the stain? If so, what finish did you use?

No, I just left it raw. And thank you!

Yet Another Look For My Husband’s Dresser

Also, that stain color on your drawers looks more grey than the picture on the minwax can portrays. Did you do anything to the stain to give the wood that grey, weathered look? I have such a hard time getting the color you achieved. It’s perfect!

No, I just used it straight out of the can. The kind of wood can alter the color a bit, so depending on what kind of wood you’re staining, it may turn out slightly different.

What kind of wood are your drawer fronts made of?

Where did you get the new dresser pulls?

Ordered them online – can’t remember where, sorry!

Yet Another Look For My Husband’s Dresser

This dresser and the night stands are gorgeous. Especially impressive is combining the wood and paint. This is a perfect compromise for my husband, the wood lover, and myself, more of a paint person. He saw this and, “Waaahw, very classy”, he whispered with awe! Since it is long overdue for ours to be done my search for ideas had led me here. After seeing these, the decision is made! I just needed to clarify a couple of things: 1. How many coats of paint? 2. You mentioned adding a teaspoon of Plaster of Paris to what seemed like a sample jar of paint? Certainly a sample won’t do for the three pieces I am doing , so about how much Plaster of Paris would I add to a half a gallon of paint? BTW: We just added shiplap to one wall in two different bedrooms. Such a great feature to any room. After seeing these pieces of furniture, I can’t wait to see your shiplap.

very nice , can this be done with pine???

It didn’t work for me and I had pine..Not enough character in the wood I guess.

Please tell me where you found the windmill blade. BTW, love the dresser ????

Hobby Lobby! And thanks so much:)

Yet Another Look For My Husband’s Dresser

You’ve just changed my entire life’s direction…

Did u use polyurethane on the stianed drawers

Beautiful!! Where did you find that windmill??

I love this look, I have been thinking about refinishing a dreaser in my son’s room and you have given me inspiration.

Did you use wood conditioner first before staining? Love this❤️

Yet Another Look For My Husband’s Dresser

No, I didn’t – just the stain. Thank you!:)

love the look of this dresser! what color are the walls in the room where this piece is? I’m getting ready to re-do my son’s bedroom and want to do this. thanks.

Thanks! It’s Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams – good luck!

Wow! This is gorgeous! I have an old wooden dressed that my awesome dad had sanded down to the natural wood for me. Been trying to think of a nice finish for it. I’m in love with that walnut stain you used! Thanks for the inspiration!

Looks fabulous but I’m still too intimidated to try it in our master. Someday… Great job, and thanks for the inspiration.

Yet Another Look For My Husband’s Dresser

A very nice choice of color and stain, looks fantastic!

what color is the stain for the drawers?

It’s Special Walnut by Minwax.

Do you happen to remember what kind of paint the gray is?

just a sample of SW Grizzle Gray!

Yet Another Look For My Husband’s Dresser

thank you! Finally getting around to doing mine.

I’m trying to get that same look. So you sanded down the drawer fronts until it took off all old varnish & finishes?? Then you painted them the Grizzle gray? Then did you rub the Special walnut over top of the gray? How close am I?? Thank you!!

I just sanded the drawer fronts down to the bare wood, then stained them with special walnut. The grizzle gray went on the rest of the dresser:) The particular wood was nice and grainy underneath, so it might not be exactly what you have on your dresser. Good luck!!

- Sandi Sheldon Wright says:

How did you get the wood grain look? Can you tell us what your whole process was to create this look? Thank you

Yet Another Look For My Husband’s Dresser

I just sanded my drawer fronts down and got very lucky that the wood underneath was super grainy and lovely:) Then I just stained it.

A friend recently did a similar makeover to a changinging table. Hers was not real wood, so she used the wood grain laminate flooring that is sticky on the back to cover the drawer fronts. Looked amazing, as does yours! Just a suggestion for those who may not have a solid wood piece.

Did you sand down the grey part of the dresser first or just paint right on top?

I added plaster of paris to the grey paint and painted right on top.

Do you mind me asking how much you used? Did you use a whole gallon of paint? How much plaster of paris per gallon? Thanks a million! I have a piece of furniture that I would love to replicate with this look!

Yet Another Look For My Husband’s Dresser

For a dresser this size, you just need a sample size of paint. I never measure, but it’s probably about a tablespoon per cup of paint? You could look it up – many blogs have used this technique and i’m sure there’s precise measurements somewhere! Good luck!

Hi Liz, love what you’ve done here. I’m about ready to paint our old oak dresser. What type of paint did you use?

Thanks, Lisa! I just used a sample of SW Grizzle Grey with a little plaster of paris mixed it so it went on well.

What does the plaster of paris do? What’s the purpose off adding it to your paint? And if you could tell us the steps you used in painting the dresser grey, that would be great. I don’t see any brush marks.

It gives it a nice flat finish, and it helps the paint stick without having to sand. I use an angled 3-4 inch brush. That’s about it!

Yet Another Look For My Husband’s Dresser

Hi, beautiful work. Did you use a polyurethane after staining the drawers with Minwax Special Walnut?

I did not, but you certainly could if you want!

Hi! When you painted over the original wood with grey paint, did you sand first? Also, what kind of paint did you use? Thanks!

I now see that my questions have already been answered!

I love this! Looks just like this pier 1 dresser I fell in love with but haven’t bought yet. Maybe I’ll just do it myself!

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