Your rules: Beer-bar etiquette

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Your rules: Beer-bar etiquette

Rule No. 1 in the beer-bar book.

When it comes to beer bars, decorum can be as important as draft selection and clean lines. And so we asked you, our readers, to share your ultimate tavern rules: If you wrote the book on beer-bar etiquette, what would be your Rule No. 1? The best tweets are below, but don’t miss the .

> if they’re busy, be ready with your order when they ask. Don’t hem, haw or dawdle…

> Don’t tell the bartender you know nothing about beer and then, having given them nothing to go on, ask for a recommendation.

> understand the time and commitment put into every beer! Even if its not YOUR favorite

Your rules: Beer-bar etiquette

> Don’t order beer tasters/samples with no intention of getting a glass/pint!

> Don’t act like you know more than the beertender.

> Don’t be the dude guy asking for the closest thing to Bud Light. Drink outside your comfort zone.

> . don’t ask for the cheapest beer on the menu, don’t stiff the bartenders even if you don’t like what you ordered, don’t be rude…

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